Lady Sheherazahde Lachesis (sheherazahde) wrote in _wicca_,
Lady Sheherazahde Lachesis

Circle Casting with Athame and Fire

A coven sister of mine likes to use these very pretty Circle Casting and Circle Dismissal chants. I don't know who wrote them and she says they are not a set (they were not written intentionally to go together) but they work well together. She sings them more than says them.

As I will and through this blade
Do I draw this magick fire.
Harken well ye elements five,
God and Goddess from afar,
Build we now this sacred space.
Joy be shared by all of us.
Raise the temple in this place
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Fire out of magick made
We (I) draw you back into this blade
Until we (I) call thee forth again
To serve us as the sacred flame.
Tags: braided wheel tradition, liturgy, ritual

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