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A review of "God Is Not One", and 'Percy Jackson' Summer Camp

God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World--and Why Their Differences Matter by Stephen Prothero

God is Not One
by syncreticmystic, (blog), August 18, 2010
"Back in May I hosted a chat on syncretism for members of the House of Netjer. It was interesting and provided me with a lot of fodder I need to go back and cull. Some of it being that I still have a LONG way to go in terms of understanding syncretism.
One person in the chat was asking a lot of questions related to Kemetic practices and Hinduism. Now, I’m not Hindu, never been Hindu, the closest I get is a deep and abiding love for Shiva. Something about the questions though triggered a realization that sometimes needs to be reinforced. Religions are not interchangeable, no matter what ecumenists might try to say. If they were, why would the practices and labels be so important to people and why couldn’t we all just be the same thing? Never mind that for many people this defaults to Christianity, which is a beautiful tradition and most certainly not my tradition.

Around this time, Stephen Prothero was promoting his new book God Is Not One. Being the good polytheist and syncretist I am, I had to borrow a copy. (Incidentally, this meant I got my library to purchase it. Huzzah!) It’s been a few months since I read it and I do wish I could give a more complete review, but that could be summed up in this one sentence.
This is a wonderful book and you must read it."
A 'Percy Jackson' Summer Camp Thrives In Brooklyn
by Margot Adler, NPR, August 17, 2010
"At Brownstone Books' Camp Half-Blood in Brooklyn, the campers' adventures come right out of Greek mythology. Based in nearby Prospect Park — with its wooded paths, groves of trees and classical-looking buildings — the camp is protected by the Golden Fleece, which looks a lot like a yellow T-shirt. Campers give offerings to the gods before they eat. There are daily quests and even prophesies that sometimes pop up on counselors' cell phones.
They are between 7 and 11 years old, and they really know their stuff. Campers Dinah Schone and Georgia Silverman say they've been reading D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths — a book they say everyone and their mother has read.

Camp Half-Blood is relaxed, unregimented and definitely low-tech. The kids each have a bandanna representing their parent god — orange for Athena, yellow for Apollo and so forth. They bring their own lunch and if someone wants to just sit in the shade and read a book, that's fine."
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