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Publisher cancels Wicca-themed book series, Salem witches, Ashley Cole and the white witch

Cate Tiernan

Publisher cancels Wicca-themed children’s book series

Helsingin Sanomat
"Hansen emphasises that the decision to cancel the publication was the publisher’s own.
“We are not forced by those who want to protect their own beliefs any more by those who want to advance freedom of expression. We decide ourselves what kinds of products to produce.”

Written by Cate Tiernan, the Sweep series comprises 15 novels for young people. The main character is an American teenage girl by the name of Morgan Rowlands, who learns that she is a witch. In the series she is searching for her place in a new type of world. The original series was published in 2001-2003.
It has appeared in the United States, Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, Italy, and France."

Publisher cancels book series with Wiccan themes
Orlando Sentinel (blog) - ‎Jun 16, 2010‎
"A series of American books with Wiccan themes will not find a new home in Northern Europe, according to a Helsingen Sanomat report.

The Stabenfeldt publishing house has decided not to publish the Sweep series in Finland, Sweden and Norway after controversy about the Wiccan-themed young adult books.

“We do not want to promote any individual religion or political ideology in the books that we target toward children”, says the publisher’s CEO Jens Otto Hansen.

He said that the publisher was not familiar with Wicca.

“I only learned on Monday morning that such a thing as Wicca exists.”

Hansen sees the case as an “industrial accident” for the publisher.

“Our own routines have failed in this. We have acted too quickly.”

The American series was published from 2001 to 2003 and has been available to readers in the U.S., Britain, Australia and France.

Wicca is a pagan faith that began growing in popularity during the 1950s, and is often known by its other name, Witchcraft.
The trials of Salem witches
By Michelle Andujar, WillametteLive, Wed Jun 16, 2010
""I may put some aromatherapy on the stove, simmering my intent ... kinda like a cauldron," said Holy Degner, a self-described "kitchen witch."

"I use kitchen witchery for the household to work, to flow better."

Degner, usually accompanied by her husband, has been attending the Witches of Salem Meetup group for at least a year, driving all the way from Willamina, Oregon, where she believes she wouldn't be accepted.
Lee, a "Neo-Pagan Eclectic Wiccan solitary crone," founded the Salem group about three years ago.

"I'm a nature lover, I practice tarot, astrology, and all kinds of new age," she said. "At first I was a Wiccan and as I got deeper into it I became more eclectic. I have Native American heritage and I appreciate the beliefs of my ancestry."

Lee decided to create the group when she moved to Salem from Portland, which has a larger and more active pagan community. "I found some groups online in Salem, but I wanted to have real life get-togethers," she said."
Ashley Cole and the white witch
The footballer is going out with a Wicca practitioner. Is this the future of Wagdom?
by Alexis Petridis, The Guardian (blog) Thursday 17 June 2010
"Here's a story to gladden the heart: Ashley Cole's latest conquest is a self-confessed white witch, who apparently once made a love potion out of human hair, peppermint essence and rose petals. LiS can only hope this ushers in a whole new era of Wag – the alt-Wag, if you will. It looks forward to seeing at least one premiership star's marriage broken up by an alternative therapist from Brighton with a belief in Wicca, a batik waistcoat and Velcro-fastening sandals, and Jermain Defoe hanging round a provincial town's war memorial in the hope of picking up a goth."
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