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Hello everyone! This is officially my first post to this community, so I thought I would introduce myself. My pen/craft name is Marcus Briarstone, and I am a writer for a pagan informational website known as Craft Haven.

I am male, 26 years of age, and identify myself as an eclectic pagan. I do not follow a specific path as I find courage, strength, and harmony with most forms of earthen spirituality. I write to inform people of pagan history, celebrations, recipes, spells, and ultimately our common ground with many other faiths. It is through such that I find a sense of contentment; I drive myself to constantly update the website and provide accurate information through it, as well as my tweets on Twitter, and my posts here on Livejournal.

The website is a baby for now. There is a ton of work to do. My goal is to have it fully fleshed out with several hundred articles by the end of this summer--accurate and thought provoking articles.

I hope you all have a grand day. Thank you for reading this.

Tags: history, magic, ritual, spells, wicca

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