March 3rd, 2016



A couple weeks ago, waiting for the cable company(which btw STILL hasn't fixed the problem;>)I started to re-read old journals. I've been doing them since the late 70's but lost those before the mid 80's when I moved to DC back in the late 80's.
They've been very informative, though not always in a positive manner;>. I can at least say that there has been a movement toward Positive Growth continually over the decades. Not as great as I'd have wished or hoped but better now than in the beginning.
One thing that was really noticeable was that the older the entry, the more likely it to do with Magic in some form. Maybe it's good that the 1st few yrs of my Path logged got lost;>! Looking back, I wonder how I had time for Work and a Life with all Crafting being logged(and I know dern well that a LOT didn't...I'm not that diligent a journaller;>!).
I think a lot of us in the alt.rel community when we start off on our Paths we tend to go overboard with the Spellkraft. It's just sooooo kewel;>!!!! Later, as you Grow, you not only realize how to Work better, you also realize when NOT TO. Sometimes I think a lot of the krap that happens to us later on our Paths is simply the Weird/Orlog/Karma/etc form our Magical Actions early on.
Like a lot of folks, I didn't Understand back then why my Elders who were fairly Evolved(I lucked out) did very little Magic and did ONLY after much Introspection. If I knew where they were today I think I'd apologize for being such a royal Pain......
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