Sphinx (elven_sphinx) wrote in _wicca_,


I've been curious....

What do you, as a Pagan, do when you encounter another of the same faith...generally identified by their "religious" jewelry...?

Do you introduce yourself, just say hi, smile, go on?

I recently ran into another "supposed" Pagan. She was wearing a pentacle...which I realize doesn't always mean anything... I said "Blessed Be" as I left her place of work. Since then she's not spoken to me and seems to try to avoid me.
-She works in my local pizza parlor.
So this is a little awkward now, of course.

At any rate, I've been curious as to what other people do in similar situations.
I notice that Christians will periodically acknowledge eachother, even if they are strangers.... so what Pagans, even if of different faiths...?

Thank you!


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