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Based on a True Story

Been a while since the last update, but some changes to mention.

Band name has been changed from White Raven to Based on a True Story (BTS)

We had a band practise earlier on today, in town, was sounding good to me. We had invited Carolyn along to jam on bass with us, worked quite well.
Next full practise won't be till next tuesday at the earliest it seems.

More recordings have been done,
new songs written.
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Who Do You Think I Am?

Been a while since I posted on this,

Band activity has been in a slump recently, I suppose it's understandable since I was away for 3 weeks in France.
Got some new material, including a new full length song - and two songs in progress.

Did some work on the band's website too. Lookin' kinda good just now I think.

Hopefully some interesting news soon.
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3 Practises Later

Since the last entry, there's been 3 practises (maybe even 4 actually..)

Quite a shift in the band activity has occured too.

Jess quit the band last thursday, so the practise on thursday night wasn't so great.
I broke the news to Ryan and Dougie and, after discussing some "issues", we played some of our songs. It felt deflated at first, but Sean came out later and we ended up jammin' again with him watching - and we just had so much more energy, it was class. I think just the fact that we were playing in front of someone made us excell and stuff. It was def fun, and it really made the night, Eventually We'll Fall sounded good to me. (Low Levels and stuff may mean when we play it at UC or wherever we eventually try- then It could sound messy/loads of feedback).

On Friday we asked Katy to Join the band, she accepted and we had a jam that night.
It went fairly well, we worked through the main four songs that we're using and some ideas formed along with some new riffs.

Over the weekend I developed a new song, which we might add to our "setlist"(in progress) for fun at the first gig (Whenever that may be).

Had a practise tonight, but Dougie could not attend due to a Soul Band gig which he was taking part in (extra gigging experience eh? lol).

In my opinion, it went well. It was an extended practise that almost doubled from the 2 hour arranged time. Ryan and I did a run though of our "setlist", which consisted of 5 songs this time - we left out the new song which we added to the end of the setlist, as it's still needing further developement and tonight was the first time Ryan had gotten a chance to hear what I'd shaped it into.
Katy was listening attentively and seemed to be doing a fair bit of useful work - shaping up vocal parts and patterns, whilst noting down things. She seems suited for the band, in my opinion, plus she brought sweets to the practise - so that was a bonus =)
I'm optimistic about the current band situation.

Tomorrow, I'll be jammin' with Dougie before the System gig - so that'll give a chance for the newest song to be rounded off slightly.
Next practise is on Friday. Hoping to have achieved a new level of band activity by then.
Though, after the good ammount that got done tonight - I think that's a comforting bit of progress.

There's a gig at the end of the month, at UC. It's not likely that we'll feel ready enough to take it, but I hope we can. I don't think the Muttnuts will be playing it though, which means it won't be as kl a gig.
I'll try and update at the end of the week, to state how things are going.
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First Recordings Done

WOOOHOOO, Dougie and Ryan came round today and we recorded Eventually We'll Fall. I've done some mixing on it and it's pretty kool to me that I'm able to listen to it on the comp now (forgeting the Midi's from before).
I sent Dougie the individual tracks, and he's came up with his own mix - but Msn is being gay, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow before I can hear his clearer mix (he has it on his Mp3 player).

I also recorded Unconscious too, it sounds kool to me (but it may just be because I'm proud of how things have went?)...
The mix is pretty good on it, though at some points the distortion is a little off.
The solo is kinda controversial too - it doesn't have the usual high gain level that I normally used, so it sounds slightly "tinny" at the faster parts of it (like the trills down the E string), I also recorded a 2nd track on the solo, which has a guitar playing the solo One Octave lower... with Chorus... interesting idea perhaps, but maybe not making the song sound as good as it could =\
One Day I'll end up sitting and recording all these fancy guitar bits and just mixing them into the recording though lol.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to having the Vocals added to the mix, hopefully at tomorrow's band practise we can get Unconscious done. Dougie will probably lay down the Drums for Unconscious (the midi drums currently on it sound really good though, but not As good as the real drums or Electric Drums would). I might add the Bass (in Midi) to Eventually We'll Fall.

Oh, once the tracks are finished and mixed, I'm gonna borrow a bass from someone and then add the basslines - so that could be kool.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with the fact that we can now record.
Samples up after the final mixes are done.

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Public Enemy

Might be squeezing in another practise tomorrow, and very possibly on Monday too depending how well tomorrow goes.
The Band can start recording stuff WOOOOOOOOO, even if it's just tests and stuff - it'll eventually shape up into stuff available through the site and this community will link to files too.
The site is really pretty bland, because the flash files aren't finished and won't be for a while. (look to the site once the first gig is announced - btw the site hasn't been officially announced yet though).

Anyway, just thought I'd mention that.
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Another Day Goes

Band Practise today.
It was at my house, so we had no microphones and electric drums.

This was the first practise in a while, so things started a bit slow, but Eventually We'll Fall was starting to sound quite tight and stuff by the end of the practise - but I'm thinking that it's not as good as it was before - though Ryan and Dougie said it only sounded better last time because of the sound levels, so I shouldn't worry.

Unconscious went alright, but I'm concerned about a passage in the solo that seems to end up strange - Ryan and I seem to contrast for a brief part of it (not out of tune, but it seems like a time difference).

We sorted out some plans, discussed a few ideas etc etc.

It was pretty fun.
At the end of the practise we got a "random jam" , it was funny as hell - Ryan was laughing more than I'd seem laugh ever/in ages - Dougie's eyes were watering. The actual Jam was quite kool though lol.
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General Update

Ok, some stuff has been happening recently, and although there isn't any big news there has been some new things worth mentioning.

> Life You Never Notice, is a new song - currently 2:45 (ish) is written for it.
> A new song with a rock edge to it is also being composed, about 1:15 is written so far.
> The Site is almost complete, just some links to fix and flash files to create now.
> A new local band have arrived on the scene, called Sly Enemy, watch out for them.
> Local Band, The Muttnuts, have a gig at the Cathouse approaching, (June 5th).
> Next WR Practise on Wednesday or Thursday.
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Life You Never Notice

Just back from a band practise at UC. It's been quite a while between practises, but stuff has been going on.

> Started new song "life you never notice" , so far feedback on it has been really good and all positive.
> Band Members practising more and improving.

At the practise today we mainly went over two songs:

>Eventually We'll Fall
Seems to be sorted quite good, Ryan and Dougie were saying how good they thought it was going and really liked how it sounded. I wasn't totally convinced but the tune was coming through and the song was getting quite tight.

Definately didn't need as much practising, we pretty much nailed the song everytime. The Solo wasn't sounding very good due to the amp settings, but I was using a different amp so I didn't have the volume boost I normally have. The song was sounding gig ready.

I showed the band some of the new song, and parts for a solo - but I don't think they're so sure about me having a wee solo spot between songs, I think we'll need to discuss the set time a bit further. I want to get practising through the exams, but I don't want to risk the results of the rest of the band so I think the band is gonna chill a bit for now and whilst they are studying I'll continue to work on the songs a bit.
We're going to try and get some 1st recordings of songs soon.

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Tonights two hour practise was really sucessful.

Though, there was still some drawbacks:
> Jess couldn't make it
> We only had 2 of our own songs to play fully.

However, there was definately more positive points:
> Unconscious = Sounds good/tight, sorted.
> Eventually We'll Fall = Sounds kool/tight, sorted too.
> For Whom The Bell Tolls = Played through, timing was all correct this time and everything.
> We discussed some gig stuff, decided on a set list to learn and practise.
> We discussed some recording stuff, when we're ready we should be able to get a wee E.P. pretty easily. (Without paying big studio prices for it).
> It was a laugh playing Eventually We'll Fall one of the times, me and Ryan just did a load of fancy/weird stuff at the verse (like him doing BIG vibrato bits and me doing shreds and making it all over the top) - the practise was a good mix of having a laugh and getting stuff done.

We've decided to either use no Covers for our first gig, or just one. We won't be using For Whom The Bell Tolls though. To be careful, we're going to practise an extra song or two - just in case we finish the set earlier than we expect.

If this productiveness keeps up then by May we could be ready to start looking for a wee gig.


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