White Flowers

A Sesshoumaru/Rin Community

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Welcome to White Flowers...right now, we're under construction, but if you want to join before I've got anything up, go ahead -- I'm fleurette, and my favourite Inuyasha pairing is Sesshoumaru/Rin...but when I checked out the other LJ communities, I found this pairing way underrepresented...[and if I've missed any existing Sess/Rin comms, well...the more the merrier, right?!]

So...I've set this up for discussion, fanfics, fanart...your own writings as well as recommendations...Anything relating to Sesshoumaru and Rin...together, especially as a romantic pairing or as a guardian/ward, father/daughter, brother/sister [however you might see it] OR separately...and Jaken chat is welcome here as well!

The main rule here will be mutual respect. No character, pairing bashing.

More later!