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This community is for White Ribbon Campaign members.

The campaign aims to eradicate male violence against women. Beginning in Canada, it quickly became an international movement. This campaign is run by men and aimed at men. In joining, we pledge ourselves

not to commit or condone acts of violence against women.
We also pledge ourselves to speak out against it.

As well as speaking out on the issue in the media, we also raise funds at local level in aid of women's groups and refuge centres, as part of our commitment to ending violence against women, and to support those who still suffer from its effects.

So, can women join us?

We want to recruit men to our cause as a means of making change, but we don't need to be all male to do so! Count us as "anyone who wants to open awareness of rape/sexual assault and promote personal responsibility to men". We do want to talk to men , but we also want to listen to women. If you are female, we are glad to have you on board as well.

This link talks about the White Ribbon Campaign in action in Tasmania, showing how it works at a local level.

Other useful links

The incident that started the campaign in Canada. Link supplied by gothic_diva

http://www.whiteribbon.ca/international/ The homepage of the International WR Campaign.
many links to websites and groups here.

http://www.whiteribboncampaign.co.uk/ The Website of the UK branch (others to be added later)

this group is USA based, and offers programs not only to adults, but also aims to provide
young men and boys with positive adult role models, as well as challenging unacceptable male attitudes and behaviour.

Manufacturing Consent – Is It Rape?
National Association of Men Against Sexism.
When men hear the word "rape", it tends to conjure up an image involving a strange man in a dark alley. Although this does happen, most rapes are in fact committed by someone that a woman will already know, and usually someone that she trusts.

And, if you asked him what happened later on , he will most likely say that "It wasn't really rape". Ok - he had to get her another drink, or had to cajole and persuade her, or use a bit of coercion, maybe - but that doesn't mean it was rape... does it?

a link that explores the problem and shows how it may be overcome. a 'must read' for anyone who wants to understand the need for this community.

an article that puts things into perspective. Again, required reading, IMHO.

An excellent link posted to this community by malvino. a woman who survived the 7/7 bombing on the London tube train and also rape talks about her experiences. may be triggering, but makes a lot of serious points and asks vital questions.

nopity. A community that supports all survivors of sexual violence, male and female. Has excellent links and resources, and a really supportive membership.

http://www.breakthecycle.org/index.html A website that explores the issue of domestic violence and helps those affected break free.

this link is for a UK based organisation, and offers a lot of links, support to those facing abuse and has a lot of information from facts and surveys about the extent and causes of domestic violence. It also recognises that children and also men may become the abused in these situations.

The Male Privilege Checklist.
I have said it myself - "It's a rich mans world, and I am not rich - so how can I be accused of being privileged?"
Well, it is not an accusation, but it's an acknowledgement that, as men, we do have status given us that we have not had to earn. Check it over, guys.