Show Schedule...

Wednesday, September 7th
The House of Bricks
6 PM $5 at the door
When We Fall, Slaughterhouse 6, The Famed, and Noise Chowder.

Friday, September 16th
The House of Bricks
9:30 PM $? at the door
When We Fall, Treble Hook, The M K Ultra, Ephraim Zenh.

Im not so sure on that friday show, it seems sketchy and it were not listed on the site. I think its 21 and over so Im going to have to get with the other band mates and see whats going down...

With Love,
Nick on drums.
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can you sleep as the sound hits your ears one at a time?

I'm writing a paper for journalism on your first show.  According to my teacher its lacking quotes from people who were in it [aka bands that played] and people who attended.

So if you guys would be so kind to either comment and leave a quote/thoughts/whatever OR IM me on aim and ill try to think up some questions to ask. - xheatherxashleyx
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show this Saturday at the Roadhouse 69 in Ankeny!

we play with Colonial PA... and idk what time it is at or how much money, but you will know soon

bitch please!!!!!!!! you bettah go to the show!



clear Wednesday, September 7th on your schedules...

we present to you:

WHEN WE FALL and SLAUGHTERHOUSE 6, and some other bands playing at the HOUSE OF BRICKS

idk any other details yet, but more to come!
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Attention attention...

Due to the last show, Ive noticed I am in need of a big rug to put under my drumset for venues with concrete floors. If anyone is will to donate one I would be very happy.I really dont care if its in bad condition or anything as long as it will work for awhile I will love it like a child.

Thanks again,
Nick the drummer
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tease this amputation splintered larynx it has access now

    I have a shitty ass red eye problem going on but hopefully before long I'll find a solution to that.  &the pictures arent that great AT ALL.  It's definately time for a new camera.  There are more pics from other shows and whatever on my lj or you can just ask me to send them to you.  Sometimes I can even get printed copies if you'd prefer those instead.

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The part I must admit.

The show was fun. I like the way it sounded compared to some of the other places that we've played at. Lots of people, nice and fun. 75ft let's an individual run around a lot. I hope to see pictures and stuff from the show. It would be nice if people have pictures to e-mail them to me, but that's only if you want to. ( I liked the coffee house except for the amount of space that we had. Oh well, let's here what the people at the show thought.