John (num1azn) wrote in _when_we_fall_,

Skalloween! Charity Show! What else can we provide people with!

  • Skalloween IV is October 29 at the Moose Lodge. $5 with a costume and $8 without one.The doors open at 4pm, and the show starts at 6pm. The "Evil Dead II" showing starts at 4:30pm. There will be a costume contest. FREE raffle, door prizes, and a hell of a lot more. Other bands include: Slaughterhouse 6, The Right Aways, When We Fall, Hook Line and Sinker, Chicken Poodle Soup, and The Skamakazes. For more info check out,


  • Also there is a charity show that is coming up soon with Slaughterhouse 6 and Thoz Guyz.There is a suggested for October 26 at the Southeast Polk High School. Now, I'm not too keen on the information of this show so I'm not going to talk about this one too much.We will leave it at that, unless you do have info on this (i.e. Jake and Jillane).


  • Nick has officially moved to his new house. Thus band practices are now held there. The set up seems pretty good. TJ took some pictures of the new place. Though everyone wasn't there today it was still good and it will only be better with the completed band. Image hosted by
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