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We Need to Talk.

Democrats prepetuating reason

America's Tragedy 2004
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what have we done?

Okay, so the election's over. But the real fight's just started.

Anyway, we can't do much to change national policies or legislations, but we sure as hell can make sure we know what the fuck's going on.

So here you go, a community to post news, images, poll results and whatever you'd like. We're all Democrats here, but it doesn't mean we're not up for a little lively debate.

As the election hype winds down, I'd like for this community to continue debating news. Foreign affairs, economic news, and internal issues are all encouraged fields of discussion - but hell, anything you find of interest is always welcome.

Let's not have just wanton Bush bashing many weeks after the fact. He's won, that's it, now let's try and be intelligent and mature adults about criticisms.

... But since it's only a few hours days after the fact, go on and blast all the venom out of your system.

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