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when is cheating really cheating????

Boy meets girl, they like each other, they decided ok, lets get into a relationship. Ok now that's all nice fine and dandy, but umm don't ya think that if you are in one don't you think he shouldn't be talking to other girls about what he likes about sex, or vise versa? Is that cheating? Is phone sex cheating? Is cybering really cheating? Or even just simple thinking about doing something cheating???
Now before people bite my head off this is really only how I feel, and its simple. The talking, no its not cheating, but it can lead to it and why the hell you telling some other person what you like when that should be shit you talk with your man or woman about. I mean yeah when you talking with you boys, or girls talking with your girls that makes more sense, but why would you going so far into it if your a guy with some other girl. Now I could very well be wrong here but if two people of the opposite sex are sitting and talking about this shit and even if they are together or not doesn't even matter, you know that there is a very good chance one of the two are sitting there thinking about in their head and it is possibly going to get to the point that they are seeing the other person they talking with in there head with it. Now if it stays in you head, some could say that's fine just don't act on it, but then you have to sit there and want and shit? True some people don't think and never get to it like that and they can just sit and chat about like it is nothing, but that make it ok still if you in a relationship with someone????
Phone sex and cyber sex, you got no touching but you got the talking here. Now for that simple fact some say that it is not cheating, its not real and all that bull. Which I can say to a point might be a lil true. Really you are masturbating, its just you have a person talk to get in to it more. Now if you wasn't on the phone or a computer talking, you still be thinking shit, so is it the same thing then? Its still cheating to me. If you want phone sex call your man or your girl and be like I want this insted of doing something stupid and then getting caught up and some really fucking dumb shit that need not be. And what you say they don't know how to do it right, umm I think you should tell them then duh.
The whole idea of cheating is really fucking stupid to me. You have to be with person A for a reason, and want to stay with them because there has to be some reason you stay if you getting it some place else. And does the sex really make it everything? If its just about the sex and that's it, why not try and find new ways to make things better first and not be shy about shit. Say yeah I want to use a whip on you and yeah I love you talking dirty, and make the shit work before you leave something good over just sex.
Look I see it as if you have a great relationship and everything in it is better then perferct is it worth losing all that for something that don't even last that long. Last I checked once you cum, the feelings done, unless you going at it agin, but I still kinda doubt that you are going to be going at it 24/7, cuz them bills gotta get paid. So would it be worth it then, to lose everything just for that? But then you have the relastionships where you really just don't care and it all about you. that's cool too, do you, nothing wrong with that. Just because you like sex doesn't make you a slut in my eyes, there's nothing wrong with sex. I just don't think its fair to be in a relationship, and then do that because then that other person is like what the fuck is going on here.
So what is cheating then really? When do you cross that line? Is it really true once a cheater always a cheater? And whats really the point of cheating????????

Hey there, look MEEZ over!

Hey there faithful Meezers,

You asked for it - You got it. Meez has updated not only our look, but also our features! Swing by today to:

  • ADD boyfriends & girlfriends! (Do the names "Brad Pitt" and "Jessica Alba" ring any bells? Huh? No? Please, allow us to introduce you...)

  • ZOOM & SPIN your Meez - Bring those details to life with these oh-so-necessary options.

  • SEE the new colors! Very chic, very post-millennium, always snazzy.

  • BROWSE with ease! We've made navigation easier and changed a couple of names.
    MeezMall is now MeezMaker and Beenz are now Coinz. (We've kept your favorite Meez export and forum intact.)
  • BETTER SAVINGS - No, we're not talking banking, here. Now, you can save smaller versions of your animated Meez! There's even an undo button! (Now if only we could add that to real life...)

So there you've got the incredibly abridged list of the latest ways Meez rocks today. Please come by and drop us a line. We'd love to know what you think!

Have a lovely weekend and happy Meezin'!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go tend to my Brad...Err, work...



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I am playing a game on livejournal at the moment and I am in the final three.  I have worked really hard and I would hate to be eliminated just now.

In the current challenge I have to find as many livejournal users to fill in this poll and click my name (Halo_of_Thorns)

It would mean a lot to me and I would adore you for it.  It will only take two seconds and polls are fun anyway.

Please, Please, Please.

The poll is here:

I'm not ready to be eliminated from the game just yet.
Please ask your friends to do it as well, it will be your kind act for the day lol