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_whatascene's Journal

screaming pretty nothings
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Your moods, your emotions, your dreams, your fears, your thoughts, your life ... all summed up in somebody else's words. Welcome to What a Scene, a lyrics community maintained by Tara (finishline) and Chele (kennedy_) & (breakmeup). No matter who you are or where you're from, music influences you. And that is what this community is all about. What a Scene is about sharing the lyrics and songs you love with other people who are serious about music.

There are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind when posting in What a Scene.

Respect. (Not everyone likes the same kind of music. Respect the fact that there are many genres of music. Don't make hateful comments or remarks about anyone's musical choices. LJ doesn't allow racist or sexist comments, and either do we. Use discretion when posting. We're all about freedom of speech, but think before you act.)

PG-13. (Many artists cuss in their songs, and we understand that. You don't have to censor lyrics. Those of you who are offended by cussing should keep in mind that lyrics aren't censored.)

Posting. (This is a lyrics community and that is all that you should be posting. Don't post remarks to lyrics in an entirely new entry. Use comments for that. Don't promote other communities or post pictures. No introduction post is necessary, either. Once again, you should only be posting lyrics.)

Artists. (Please make sure you post the title of the song and who it's by somewhere in your entry. Don't assume we know who wrote it or what it's called. If we like the lyrics, we might want to download the song so we'll need to know who wrote it.)

Your Lyrics. (Feel free to post lyrics that you've written, but make sure everyone else knows you wrote it. We can't likely download a song that has never been recorded, can we?)

Format. (Please don't abbreviate either. Sure you know who TBS or SoCo is, but not everyone else does. Write out the artist or band's full name. Don't bold or italicize all the lyrics. If you find a certain verse or line or chorus particularly interesting, go ahead and bold/italicize it. Same goes for the title of the song. But the whole song is unnecessary. We also like to keep our entries pretty uniform. So don't center them or try and make them fancy. Just post like everyone else, please.)

LJ Cut. (We don't ask that you use the LJ cut code for your lyrics, unless they are really long. Use your best judgement here. If you would like to include why you like the lyrics or what they mean to you, we ask that you do that in an LJ cut. It's really annoying to have these long entries on our friends pages.)

Multiples. (Only one set of lyrics per entry. If you have a number of songs you want to post, we certainly encourage that. But do it in seperate posts. Like I said before, those long entries are annoying to read in your friends page. And if you know a song has been posted once before, try not to post it again. We don't expect you to go back through pages and pages of entries to see if your favorite song was posted, but if you remember reading it before than don't post it again. We want diverse new songs and your possibilities are endless.)

Follow the guidelines and enjoy! ;)
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