We're such geeks

You just don't like us because we're cooler then you.

We pwn j00
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+ Despite the name 'we'e such geeks', it's not neccasarrily for nerds. It's for pretty much anyone. Just as long as you're not a bizznitch. ;D
+ Applications MUST be cut
+ Put 'You know you love me' as your subject line when applying. That way, we know you read the rules.
+ Respect each other, children! If you don't, I'll have to put you in time out. *points to little dark corner that says 'Disobediant bitches'
+ Your prettiness/handsomeness/ugliness has nothing to do of letting you in, the pictures are only out of curiousity of what you look like.
+ On the application, where it says 'You have a catepillar!', you say 'Yes well you have an eyebrow.' (inside joke, you don't have to get it. ^^;;)
+ OBBSESSIVE RAMBLING IS GREATLY ENCOURAGED! ... more like, I just don't want to feel alone in my sad no-life-obbsessive-ness. xD
+ No tYpiNg lYKe ThIs. 1337/l33t is fine though. We are geeks, after all.
+ promote promote promote!

._You have a catepillar!:
._Favorite bands(at least 3)
._Favorite movies(at least 3)
._Random Cartoon/Anime character:

The Promote/Accepted/Rejected banners will be coming soon.

~ Much love, your mod, pandabunneh~<3