Witness Monkey

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Religious Affiliation: None. Not. Even. Atheist. (And yes, atheism is a religion.)

Political Affiliation: Left.

For or Against: Against.

abortion... I have one every day. What the hell kind of question is this? For or against abortion? Even pro-choicers aren't -for- abortion, they're -for- the choice.
killing the mentally handicapped... Yeah, we should cap them. Cuz we're Nazis. Unless you're talking about Bush's thing in texas where the mentally handicapped can be sentanced to death? Then that makes sense, but given there's no context...
gay marriage... Yeah, sure, whatever.
the radio... Only college.
censorship... Depends on what's being censored. I'd rather not have playboys in school libraries.
anorexia... I fuggin love it. What the hell?
the fast-food industry... Makes money off of fat people.
animal cruelty... Is great for the economy. Who came up with these?

Favorite: Llama

movie... La Jette
band/artist... M. Sord
song... 9 Months on North Street
author... Beaudin
food... Q'Doba
article of clothing... Underwear

Question: Authority.

If you were raped would you make an accusation against that individual? Probably, although it would be damned funny to see someone try raping me.

And pictures: