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Jessie is pretty much my favorite person ever. I don't think I ever posted that in here, so now I am. We will get married...and then she won't bear my children because she's kind of mean. But beautiful. Muchos lovos, my spanish speaking friend.

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if jessie was a speaker, she'd play my tunes all day long.

if jessie was a tree, i'd plant her in my garden.

if jessie was a cup, id sip her like woah.

if jessie was a sticker, id stick her anywhere she wants to go.

if jessie was a piggy bank, shed be getting my change.

if jessie was a hamper, youd be sure to find my dirty clothes there.

if jessie was a book, id read her all day long. and like it.


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Jessie is sexy.


You know it. Jessie. I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. As you influence me in everyway, and I love it. We are opposites yet we are so alike and i love that. And if you love jessie you stupid pooheads better get your arses off the other communities and post over heeeerrreeeeee!

Now. I will get back to jessie. Jessie. I love you man. I honestly do. And i know you know, but i just want to inform you that you are the reason I am still here today. And i suppose thats a good thing. But anyways I made you something today. And i know its gay, but hey. Its something. And i will make you a cool bracelet if you want...



DAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *battle cry*




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