rb101182 (rb101182) wrote in _welove90,

Anyone have a myspace profile?

Okay, so my friend Erin and I are finalists to win backstage passes to the WBCN River Rave this weekend to meet Stone Temple Pilots, so anyone that has a myspace page and would be willing to vote for Erin tonight, I would really appreciate it.

Voting starts at 8pm EST and will be open for 104 minutes. If anyone is going to be home at that time, you can:

Add www.myspace.com/wbcn as your myspace friend

They'll post a bulletin tonight at 8pm EST with directions on how to vote and they'll keep the voting open for 104 minutes.

Vote for Erin from Rockland, her myspace display name is Lepskin.

And if any of your friends have a myspace, feel free to tell them to vote too, or post a bulletin and let them know.

Anyone that is willing to help, I would owe you big time!
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