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Lets all go back to a time....
when you could tie your coat around your waste and it wasent considered "GAY"
when McDonalds was the shit and there was a K-Mart every three miles,
when MTV still plated music and you could sing along with every song on the radio,
When cartoons were cool and only grunge bums and punks wore converse,
When you could only wear bands shirts if you had actually been there,
and we didnt use t-shirts to comment on life,
A time when gas was only a 1.15 a gallon and crime and death toll was down,
when you could wear a purple shirt ,rainbow polka dot pants and brown socks 
with a pair of bright pink jellies and no one took a second look at you,
At time when you based your day on what color you mood-ring was.
And you were trying to hide the fact that you wear wearing "SUNDAYS" undies on monday

lets go back to a simple time...


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