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Well fuck that..

and fuck you.

The Fuck Revolution
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The Appli-fucking-cation.

- - -


Rules and Fucking Regulations

1. Don't really take our hatred seriously. We really love you guys, even though you're all fuckers.

2. Apply within 3 days of joining. Or we'll just say "well fuck that."

3. Respect the mods. Or else Bri will kick your ass. Oh, and fuck you.

4. Post whatever you want, we don't really fucking care.

5. New applicants must put "fuck the fucking fuckers" as the subject of their posts. If you don't you'll be banned. Auto-fucking-matically.

6. Speak your fucking mind. If someone pisses you off, tell them. Be a complete bitch about it too. Don't let the little bastard get away with it. Fuck that...

7. Promote. There's a banner on the user info. Paste the fucking code into your journal.

8. Be prepared to join the most fucking awesome community that says fuck more than any other fucking retarded community out there._well_fuck_that says fuck more than any other fucking community. Just check. And if you don't want to, then fuck you anyway.

9. New members better not fucking post until they're accepted. Unless it's on their own fucking application.

10. Make your opinions way fucking long. Exagerate, we don't fucking care. We just need to know that you know what you're fucking talking about.

11. Bold the questions on your application, not the answers.

12. PLEASE take time on your application. If we can tell you didn't, then you can surely FUCK OFF.

13. Just because you know the beautiful talented mods doesn't mean you'll be accepted. Boo fucking hoo.

14. You can fucking reapply in one week if you're rejected. After that you're BANNED. FUCKING BANNED.

15. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your application behind a cut! If you don't know how, go read the fucking FAQ thing. Click right fucking here in order to read how.

16. If you're going to fucking promote here, you have to promote us somewhere too. Yeah. Fuck you.



Basic fucking Shit
Name: Jo.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.
Location: San Jose California.
Occupation: I'm in 10th grade at Santa Teresa High School. And I have a babysitting job that doesn't pay. Fuck that.

Color: Hot pink. Always has been, always will be.
Food: Water, diet Coke, and lettuce. Hahahaha..
Restraunt: Taco Bell. Ooo how I fucking love Taco Bell.
Tell us some of your hobbies: Listening to music, reading, being lame, prank calling truck drivers and clowns and old people, asking old men if they suck their own cocks, telling my mom that she's not funny, hanging out with Bri, doing sit-ups, writing poetry.
Top 5 Bands:
* Something Corporate
* Good Charlotte
* Taking Back Sunday
* SugarCult
* the Used

Top 4 Movies:
* Trainspotting
* Mary Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party
* A Series of Unfortunate Events
* Napolean Dynomite

Top 3 Books:
* Night by Elie Weisel
* The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares
* Lord of the Flies by some guy

Top 2 Favorite People: (give reasons)
* Number one, obviously, is Bri. She's my best friend in the whole world, and she's really just the best person I know. We get along really well, we'd do anything for each other. I swear to God she's kept me alive for the past few monthes.
* The second one is my girlfriend Katie. I've known her for about a year, and we've been dating since the end of May. She's the most beautiful person I know, and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's gives me this really odd sense of being loved, and I always know someone cares about me. She's also fucking hilarious.

Your One True Passion:
* Writing poetry. I was published at 11.

The Very Few Opinion Questions
What's your stand on abortion? I'm pro choice. I would never ever do it, no matter what, but I don't think anyone should be denied the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. If you know you can't bring your kid up the right way, then maybe it's best just not to have it.

What do you think about animal rights? I'm against animal testing, and I don't eat too much meat. Why should an animal have to suffer for our sake? I mean.. eating meat is one thing, we do it sort of to survive, it's part of life. But our products can be tested on something else.

What's your say about weiners? John sucks his own. Alriiiight.

What do you think about self harm and suicide? Just because I cut doesn't mean I think it's ok. It's really wrong, and not doing is hard. And suicide is not smart. At all.



Basic fucking Shit
Age: 15.
Gender: Female.
Location: San Jose California.
Occupation: Sophmore at Pioneer High School.

Pink and Black.
Food: Cookies, Sushi, Pizza.
Restraunt: Chilies.
Tell us some of your hobbies: Writing, singing and acting, dancing, fucking annoy people, prank call people, throw things at people, hang out with my friends.. shit like that.
Top 5 Bands:
* Good Charlotte
* The Used
* Green Day
* Crossfade

Top 4 Movies:
Mary Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party
* Jawbreaker
* Not Another Teen Movie
* The Notebook

Top 3 Books:
Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Georgia Nicholson (sp?)
* The Bean Trees by Barbara Kensington
* Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Top 2 Favorite People: (give reasons)
Jo. Number one, because she's always there for me even if we fight and even if we haven't seen each other in a million years, or if our phones are busy. Number two, is because we always make any bad situation into a fucking funny one that we usually end up getting inside jokes out of. Number three, we have the same humor and it's fucken funny as fuck. Number four, our song "jaded" never fails to make me cry.

Your One True Passion:

The Very Few Opinion Questions
What's your stand on abortion?
I think it's horrible just to get pregnant and have a choice of killing your baby. It shouldn't be so freely thrown around. But it also should be the woman's choice if she got raped, or doesn't think she can take care of the baby.

What do you think about animal rights? I think animals should have every right to be protected, since they are defenseless against any human. I mean, they can't speak for themselves. And humans always go after them for their fur or just to smushed between to slices of hamburger buns.

What's your say about weiners? I say "When Gabe gets a boner, jerk it off all night, jerk it off all night." and "When an old man named Van calls, ask him where the nuthouse is, ask him where the nuthouse is."

What do you think about self harm and suicide? I think if you have a reason to self injure, then you should. Because it's the way you're feeling. And as long as you don't mean to kill yourself while doing it. But if it makes you release stress or anger, then it's a good way to do it. Suicide is not a word to throw around. -writes it down and throws it- It should be taken seriously, and people who are suicidal should get helped. I've been suicidal.. and it's not cool.


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