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Well fuck that..

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July 5th, 2005

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06:30 pm - irma's application
Name: Irma
Age: 17
Gender: female
Location: san bernafuckindino
Occupation: i just graduated, so no job yet...fuck

Color: green
Food: subway veggie delite
Restraunt: scoreboards (pomona)
Tell us some of your hobbies: listening to music (only if it's fuckin good), writing, art, going to the movies, going to parties

Top 5 Bands:
* sex pistols
* the dead 60s
* buzzcocks
* garbage
* the clash

Top 4 Movies:
* the virgin suicides
* the rules of attraction
* thirteen
* secretary

Top 3 Books:
* fast girls: teenage tribes and the myth of the slut - emily white
* don't try this at home - dave navarro
* pandering - heidi fleiss (a true fuckin businesswoman)

Top 2 Favorite People: (give reasons)
* my mom carol, because she tries her best to be a strict fuckin do-what-you're-told mother but at the same time she gives me my space to let me do the "teenage" thing and learn from my mistakes, and that's fuckin awesome
* shirley manson because she's an individual. she doesn't fit into what society considers to be hot and i think that's amazing.

Your One True Passion:
* i live for music, it's my one obsession

The Very Few Opinion Questions
What's your stand on abortion? i'm for pro-choice, but only if there are rules on it. i mean, if a woman was raped and got pregnant, it's her right to get the abortion if she chooses. however, if a woman has a history of abortions, then she should not be allowed to kill another unborn child. that's where i stand on abortion, if it makes sense.

What do you think about animal rights? i'm a full believer in animal rights, and i'm vegetarian (except for the occasional fish, only because i need protein).

What's your say about weiners? it depends on what kinds of weiners you're talking about. i'm pro-weiner!

What do you think about self harm and suicide? i never tried to commit suicide, but i used to cut. i wasn't one of those people who cut to bleed their pain away, i just cut enough to leave a mark because i was going through a shitload of things at the time, but i've stopped and haven't cut for 5 years. i feel that it isn't a healthy way of relieving pain or sorrow, and having experienced it, i can honestly say that.

Shit We Wanna Know
Please promote us to one place, besides your LJ, and tell us where. http://www.livejournal.com/community/boysweddo/
and http://www.myspace.com/hellyeahbaby/ (my site)

Where did you hear about us? ___almostfamous

Do you like our LAME little kid pictures? i didn't think they were lame at all, they were so fucking cute

Why do you think we should accept you?
because i'm fucking amazing and generally a laid-back person. i'm artsy and indie and all kinds of awesome (yeah, i said awesome).

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Date:July 9th, 2005 11:16 am (UTC)
Too bad, the mods have totally new usernames, and this community is DEAD. Sorry. But, you can join our new one, that isn't dead. iflooks_killed

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