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WW Points - Restarting

Hi There, hopefully this is allowed and someone can help. I am wanting to restart WW at home on my own because I reallt can't afford meetings or online right now and I found all of my books EXCEPT the first one (and the tenth but I never got that one in momentum program). All I need is the formula for figuring out how many points I should be eating in a day. Please help! I'm in Canada so Canada or US would be the same. Thank you in advance!


Hey guys,

  Question.  I'm going to be eating out and probably getting Sushi that is pre-packaged from a Grocers/Restuarant at lunch.  I will be getting the Spicy Tuna Roll which for 6pcs. it's like 5 pts. and for 9 which is what it will have, it's like 8 pts.

I know there are a lot of fillings that go along with it. Do you think that's pretty safe to say it's 8 pts.?

Also someone else brought up a very valid point on how the calculator sometimes will not add up past 4g of fiber for two servings? 

So the better option would be anytime I eat two of something just tally up the whole calories, fat, and fiber and use that point count instead?(I do see the difference).

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Do you guys count 0 food as something other than 0? 
I know it sounds like a silly question, but here's my situation. 

I recently bought a Fiberful bar from Trader Joe's. The nutritional information is 60 calories, 0 fat, 6 fiber.
put it in the calculator and it comes up to 0.

Now one of these a day probably doesn't make a huge difference, but yesterday I had 2.
I ate one in the morning as a snack and one in the afternoon as a snack.
individually they are 0 points.
but if you add all that up, the 2 bars come to 2 points.
I know 0 points doesn't really equal 0, but would it have been better to count that 0 as 1, even though technically it's 0 points? 

Also, anyone tried sunbutter? or almond butter?  I've never had either, but opted to buy sunbetter. Haven't tried it yet. Any reviews of either of them? 

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I am going to start counting points for the new year. Does anyone have any excel spreadsheet or something like it that they can email to me that they use to track their points? I have the book but its almost all used and I want to start fresh.  I would love if i could find something to print out and small enough to put in my purse.


lifetime fees?

Hello!  I've been a member of WW since June 2005, reached lifetime in April 2006 and maintained that until September 2007.  I haven't been  to a meeting since then and have gained back about 40 of the 77lbs I lost.


Now for my question:  Do I have to pay the registration fee when I go back?  I know I have to pay the weekly fee since I'm over my goal weight.

Thank you!

Starting: 231.5
Lifetime Weight: 167
Lowest: 155
Currently: 194
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BMI and weirdnesses

I'm getting back on WW after a year being off.

The only problem I have is that I think WW's goal weight for me is totally off-base. It makes me wonder if I am just weird?

I am 5'4" and it tells me I should weigh 146. I honestly do not see how that is possible. And I'm not saying "Oh I'll never get there" I mean, for me to weigh that, I would look sickly. In my high school days, when I was my smallest, I played basketball, volleyball, and softball I weighed 150 and had a 28" waist.  So when someone tells me that weighing 150 is "fat" I feel extremely frustrated. Is this making sense? I would love to just weigh 155 again, but I'd be fine with 160. But 146 is insane.  I just don't know how I could weigh that and look healthy.

I don't know if this makes sense. I weigh 175 right now and I wear size 10-12 pants. Is that normal? Does anyone else have this problem?
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WW online to real life

I'm doing ww online but it isn't helping so tonight I'm going with a friend to a meeting...

do you think I can get out of paying registration since I've already paid up 3 months to do it online... I'm not sure how I prove I have an online membership...

good luck to everyone, hope today is a successful NSV day for you!

AP swap?

Okay, so I used all of my daily points and actaully went over by one. But, I had 4 AP points.

But it took that extra point out of my weekly 35?! Um, it didn't swap like it used to? Am I supposed to do this myself some how? I looked over the info about the new plan and maybe I read it to fast but I didn't really notice a lot of talk about AP points.

Does anyone know anything about this?