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Hey guys!  I have some questions I was hoping you could help with.

I was on Weight Watchers previously and stopped because it just wasn't working out (I wasn't ready to commit to weight loss, and I'm sure you guys know how that goes).  Now I'm hoping to give it another shot, but I can't shell out the cash for WW Online just yet, so I was trying to figure out what number of points I should start with to hold off until I can resubscribe.

I found this calculator online that's supposed to tell me how many points I should start with, and it's giving me 29.  That's what's confusing me -- when I was subscribing, I started off at like 34 points or something like that, and I weighed less than I do now.  This was only a few months ago.  I was fairly certain that 29 is the minimum number of points you can have on the PointsPlus system.  Is this right?  I mean, I'm fine with that, I can work with 29, I'm just confused.

In a totally unrelated question, I know fruits and veggies are typically 0 points on the Plus system, but what if you eat a lot of them?  Do you guys usually start counting them if you go over X number per day?

Thanks SO MUCH for the help.  Happy weight loss!

Period weight and Christmas goal

This week I only lost 1lb. I'm on my period though, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much we generally retain while on our periods? Last week was a pretty bad week for me food-wise, I ate way over my points - mainly due to a big night out drinking, but at least I lost something. My second question is about the weekly points - I keep reading about people talking about extra weekly points, but I don't think I have those - or at least I can't see anything about them anywhere - I'm in the UK, so maybe we don't do that here... are there any other British users in this community? Anyone have any idea if we have those? And if not, why not?!
Trying to be good this week, but it's my housemate's birthday on Sunday and I'm the resident cake-maker. I guess I'll have to be extra good during the week so I can have a small piece of cake and a drink at the weekend! I'm now at 147lbs, 7lbs over what I weighed last Christmas, and definitely want to have lost that, if not more by this Christmas! My mother lost a load of weight and now weighs around 126lbs, and when I go back home for Christmas she always makes comments trying to encourage me to get down to my goal, but it's kind of disheartening. I know she only wants to help me do what she did, but at Christmas I want to enjoy myself - that doesn't mean I want to go all-out and eat the whole house, but I don't want her peering over my shoulder every time I eat anything. I'd love to be able to go home lighter than last year, so that is my short term goal - only 6 weeks to go though! I just need to hold off on the eating while I'm stuck at home writing essays, 'cos that's what gets me!

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i have a question, i lost my book and im just wondering how many flex points are you allowed to eat. my mom says it's five other people tell me it's 35... so what is it? 5 or 35? also, i lost 1 pound! :) this is awesome!

question number 2, what do you guys to do to keep off your weight.? in the past i lost weight on weightwatchers but later gained everything back...i had no idea how to stay the same.

Oh noes

Ahh.. I just had a weak moment and had about three lemon zest things. They are 1 point each, but if you have three it's like 4.5 pts. That was waaay more than I wanted. My sweet tooth has gotten really bad lately and I'm thinking it's because I have these things in the house. I bought three different WW desserts so I could have variety, but I think I only need to stick with one of whatever it is, and not buy all these little snacky's.

I could binge on those.

I still have 12 WP's remaining for this week so I know I should be okay. Though it'll be stricter this week. I was experimenting with eating all my WP's and seeing what happens. Even when I did it once, I still lost, and I certainly hope I don't get stuck because I ate poorly today.

They were all in points tho. Does it really matter which day you eat them, cuz' as long as you stay in points you should lose still right?

basically, I ate 30.5 points today >_<

btw, I workout 4-5 times a week. Vigorous workouts. I'm feeling real crappy.

Weekly Points

I had a weak moment on Saturday night and got a chocolate frappe from Brighams and all of my weekly points were already gone so I knew I had gone over. I have no idea how much it was, but here's my question. When you go over on weeklies one week, do you subtract it from the next? I don't think we're supposed to, but I feel like I should compensate for it to keep on track. Should I just take the hit and start this week fresh?