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Barely, but less than 150!

I'm less than twenty pounds from my goal!! So excited! He's a picture from today:

I haven't mastered the art of mirror pictures, so a full body photo will have to wait until I'm more talented - otherwise the blurriness makes me look sickly skinny or worse than when I first started WW.

WW Journey Began: 10/11/09
WW Start: 210 | WW Current: 149.6 | WW Goal: 130
Height: 5'1"
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Finally back on track!

ok, so i'm back. haven't posted here in a while... It's been going up and down since last post but I finally shed what I put on for the holiday (+ last week) and even lost 2 additional pounds! I'm very happy.

SW: 94.7 kg / 208.7 lbs
CW: 85.2 kg / 187.8 lbs
GW: 85 kg / 187.4 lbs (my 10% goal) So very Very close!!!

I also won my third gold star!
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Weekly Weigh In

Down 1 lbs this week, weighing in at 195.5! Only four more pounds until I hit the 50 lbs mark! But the best news for me this week is that I fit into size 18 jeans. All of my maternity jeans and after baby jeans are officially packed away! YAY!
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Just a few weigh in updates and some NSV's

So far:

w01 Sept. 13, 09 (start): 417.8
w02 Sept. 20, 09: 411 (-6.8)
w03 Sept. 27, 09: 408.4 (-2.6)
w04 Oct. 4, 09: 399.2 (-9.2)
w05 Oct. 11, 09: 398.8 (-0.4)
w06 Oct. 18, 09: 393.2 (-5.6) 5%!
w07 Oct. 25, 09: 390.4 (-2.8)
w08 Nov. 01, 09: 385.2 (-5.2)
w09 Nov. 08, 09: IN VA MISSED
w10 Nov. 15, 09: 381.8 (-3.4)
w11 Nov. 22, 09: 377.8 (-4.0)
w12 Nov. 29, 09: 374.2 (-3.6) 10%!
Total Loss: 43.6

I finally got into a size 28 pants that I bought as goal pants, seat belts fit me better, and I am walking so so much better than ever before! This is pretty exciting.

This week so far (I weigh in on Sundays) has been kinda slow. I have an injury keeping me from the gym. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will be able to get there.

I hope that everyone else is doing well also!

p.s. Has anyone tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry mini bars from WW? They have saved me from a Hershey's disaster plenty of times. Do you know if any of the other mini bars or products are any good?
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Week three weigh in

I'm down 4 lbs this week...! So in three weeks I'm down a total of 10 lbs. I lost 6 lbs my first week and then NONE my second week! Maybe this is just how my body does it! I'm 8 lbs away from my first mini goal weight of 199 :) I can't wait to see that scale be under the 200's!

I went shopping yesterday and bought some clothes as all of my maternity clothes were too big but my pre-pregnancy pants don't fit yet. So I'm in a size 20, not too happy about that since before I got pregnant I was an 18 and I'm at a lower weight than when I got pregnant :(

Anyways, I'm adding in an exercise DVD to my plan this week. It's a 15 minute post partum DVD so I'm hoping to find 15 minutes every morning to do this, I know 15 minutes isn't a lot but it's a start. I want to do this for two weeks and then continue to add more. I'm somewhat frustrated at this point because it's quite cold here in Michigan so I can't take baby out for walks, and the nearest mall is 30 minutes. So I'm going to try and mall walk 2 times per week just to get some walking in!

Weigh In Update and call for recipes!

Hello All-- First my weigh in info

SW: 225 (Summer of 2007ish)
Last Week: 158.5
This Week: 155. 5
GW: 140 or a Size 8, whichever comes first.

Which brings me up to 69.5lbs total lost (!!) Also today I went and packed up on groceries for a few weeks (our fridge is dismal looking...) and had a little bit of a rough time carrying everything home (live in NYC and walk/carry everything..well everywhere..) and for some reference stepped on the scale holding all the bags and lo and behold -- 230lbs! I was carrying all that extra weight I just used to have on my body and it was great being able to put it down. :)

Also today at the green grocer I was reminded that it was fall by the skyrocketing prices of fruit and the appearance of squashes of all shapes and sizes, and little eggplants too! I know some people use spaghetti squash instead of pasta.... but was wondering if anyone else had awesome WW recipes for these gourds. (Not only are they WW friendly but at .45 cents a pound they're great on the pocketbook too)

Thanks in advance!


Hey everyone!! I am very excited to report that I officially dropped another pound this week!!! This is amazing because not only did I eat my 35 Flex points, but I also ate nearly 40 of my APs (I went to a concert AND a wedding in the past week). I exercised a LOT to prepare for these events.

The best news is that I've said goodbye to the 180's and hello to the 170's!!!  My official weigh-in is 179.8. I'll take it! I'm only 1.8 lbs away from the lowest weight I've ever known in my adult life.  This is very exciting and a little scary! From here on out, I'm not sure what my body will look like and feel like.  This is a real motivation for me.  It's like I'm exploring and I can't wait to find out what's at the end of my journey!

I'm 24.8 pounds away from a 'healthy weight' and 39.8 from my ultimate goal....but who knows..that could change. I wonder if I'll be TOO skinny at 140 lbs.  Only time will tell!

All I can say is...I'm going to keep running!! I'm training for an 10K in Va Beach on Halloween and an 8K in Richmond November 14th.  I keep improving every day!  I'm also pretty excited to show up at my college's homecoming this fall and see people's reactions when they see I'm 35 lbs lighter than the last time they saw me! hahaha

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I'm SOOO happy!

For the last 3 months or so I've been trying to get to a total weight loss of 30 pounds and I was stuck at a plateau and just couldn't lose.  I mean, I wasn't gaining, so that was good, but I had been doing everything I was supposed to do.  Tracking my points, exercising, eating healthy/filling food, mixing it up to keep my body guessing, etc etc, but no matter what I did, I just wasn't losing.  Then about 2 weeks ago the weight started coming off again, and my goal of just losing became my goal of losing 30 again.  Then last week I got weighed-in at 29.8 pound loss.  .2 away from the 30!!  So frustrating!

This week I lost 1.6 pounds, putting me at a total loss of 31.4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so happy, I just had to share!

Big SV!!

I've been SO good lately. This week has been extremely stressful, but I kept myself under control.

They canceled our at-work meeting today, which had me really bummed. I called and found out the center here in town has weigh-in hours, though, so I went down there.

Drumroll, please...

-4.6 pounds! ...which brings me to a total of -54.2!!!!! I finally lost my 50 pounds! ANNNND...I'm now under 200 pounds! I weigh 195.6!!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but oh my gosh am I excited! :D

I started my journey at 249.8 pounds and now I'm 195.6! It feels so awesome!

I went shopping for clothes yesterday and I fit into size 14s now! I remember days in high school when I wore 26/28. I even squeezed myself into a size 12 swimsuit the other day (way too tight, but I was still able to get into it)!

I leave for vacation tomorrow (California) and I'll be there until the 21st. I hope I can keep this going while I'm there. I was stuck at a plateau for 1-2 months and I was going haywire. I managed to crank out/off 8.6 pounds in the last 2 weeks, though. I WILL keep going!

30-50 pounds to go still, but I'm on my way. :D