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[x-posted] Alli Warning

Hi all,

I don't post or comment a lot - hell, I haven't used my own journal in a month or so... but I had some news that I felt it was too important not to share in this and similar communities.

I've used Alli off and on over the last couple of years when I've gotten on the wagon and for the most part, it worked for me with few to no side effects (because I heeded their warnings and when i cheated food wise, I didn't take a pill).

I've had some other medical issues going on in my life through those periods and every time I've had blood work drawn while taking Alli, my liver enzymes levels were insanely high.  I RARELY drink and I don't take Tylenol, etc... so my doctor was baffled.  When I gave up on weight loss for a while, I had blood work done for something else, it was back at wonderful low baseline numbers.

When I restarted my plan in February, I began taking it again.  In June, blood work came back with levels higher than before.  Testing for hepatitis was negative though an ultrasound showed inflammation.

My doctor and I began working through every detail and when I told him I was taking Alli, he perked up.  There's no confirmed link between them, but Alli is coming under scrutiny for long term use.  In May this year, the FDA issued press releases and required Alli to adjust its packaging to include potential liver risks.  According to the FDA there are 13 documented cases of SEVERE liver damage in relation to Alli. 

Anyway... I'm OK and only found out about it because they were testing other stuff on me.  Had I not known however, it could have been bad for me.  They say initially that it seems to be a rare effect but to be careful while taking it.  I think people just haven't been looking for it until it became a big problem.

I just wanted to share in case any of you are using it.  Get yourselves checked!

Protein Shakes

I've been reading up on protein shakes, but they're all so high calorie that I'm hesitant to try them. Are they filling? Delicious? How much do they really do for you?

Does anyone use them? What do you use and what do you think?