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Favorite Ready to Eat/Frozen Meals on Points Plus???

So, I've been an off and on Weight Watcher for almost 15 years, and have recently gone back on WW again, following the same plan I did when I first joined. I know, it's ancient, but it worked and I lost 25 lbs. Had the labeling on the frozen meals not been changing, I probably would have completely ignored the new Points Plus overhaul entirely. But with all of it changing, it would probably be harder to fight it than go along with it, so I'm adapting.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I eat a lot of frozen and ready to eat food, mainly to take to work for lunches and such. What are some of your favorites (with the new point values, if you have them!)? My tastes are pretty varied (anything and everything, from southern comfort food to Indian), so any suggestions would be great!

And while I'm here, an intro:

Name: Jenn
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 235
CW (current weight): 210
GW (goal weight): 150-165

Thanks, guys!

budget friendly ideas and recipes

one of the hardest things for me is trying to stay on budget while eating healthy. i love to shop at whole foods and eat organic food, but i really cannot afford it. I have given myself a maximum of $50 to spend at the grocery store each week, for all of my meals and house/cat supplies. I hardly eat out.
Here is a list of things I typically get:

-canned beans
-canned tomatoes
-whole wheat pasta
-jarred tomato sauce
-baby carrots and grape tomatoes
-hummus ( i would love to get a food processor so I can make my own)
-frozen veggies (everything from corn to stir fry mix)
-instant light oatmeal for work
-light english muffins
-popcorn kernels for my popcorn popper( no oil needed)
-frozen pineapple
-yogurt (i do buy the individual ones only because there really isn't a huge price difference in the ones i like and sometimes if i put them in plastic containers they tend to leak during transport)
-chicken breasts (pre portioned) which i know costs more per serving but i dont need to cook for more than just myself and if i am cooking a meal which calls for a lot of chicken i would not use these

are there any other items you can suggest that will help me cut down my costs?
my one culprit is coffee! i buy k-cups because i find it an easier way to control my sugar/cream, rather than going to a coffee shop and spending more money, but i wish i could just stop with my coffee addition in general.

also, if you have any websites/books that have inexpensive/healthy meal ideas please share! i usually make a big meal on the weekend that will last me a few days at least, like soup or chili.

Felicia Day
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New Food Labels in the US?

I wish I had time to write a whole huge post with explanations, but I only have time to summarize.

Those of us in the US (and those abroad who care about such matters): The FDA is considering changing its requirements for its nutrition labels on foodstuffs and is asking for feedback! You can find more information about where to go and suggestions for label improvements at Fooducate's entry on the topic.

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The only thing I'd add to the list is requiring ALL restaurants (fast food, sit down, expensive, inexpensive...) to list their nutrition information on their menus. I don't know if that falls under this particular act, but it doesn't hurt to make the suggestion.

Is there anything else we should suggest? Oh, and pass this on to others and encourage them to pass it on.... Maybe some real changes can be made.



I lost another two pounds this week...15 total!

I'm in that weird stage right now where all my clothes are really loose but I'm still too big to fit into a smaller size. I'm going on vacation soon so I'm thinking about getting a bunch of sundresses that way when I lose more weight I can still wear them. I'd hate to keep buying more clothes as I get smaller. Well I'd love to but I don't have the budget to do so lol.

Anyone know of any places with relatively cheap sundresses right now? I don't want to spend more than 30 bucks per dress because I'd like to get several. Thanks!