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Can anyone tell me how many points the Sante Fe Chicken Wrap and French fries from Chili’s would be? My sister and I split this for lunch but my lovely dial up internet takes to long to get to Chili’s menu!


For my dinner tonight I had a Wendy's Large Chili - 6 points of warm filling dinner.


My fast food staple restaurant options:

Wendys - Baked Potato plain, Chili, Side Salad with FF French Dressing

Subway - Turkey on White no mayo no cheese LOTS OF VEGGIES

Taco Bell - Fresco Menu

Does anyone have any other easy fast food options to share??? :)


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does anyone know if the applebees french onion soup is really 3 points? in my WW book it says 3, but I am not sure if that is for an older WW specific french onion soup or just the regular one of the menu. my menu did not have the point value for any soup on it. the website does not give out nutritional value :(

sometimes eating out is so hard :(
fat stewie ice cream

Healthy menu options

Sorry if this has already been posted, but there's a website called Good Food Near You where you can type in your location and it will list restaurants near you, along with their healthiest menu options.

That said, it pretty much lists all chain restaurants, but if you're heading to one and are in a hurry to pick something healthy ahead of time, it's kinda helpful.