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Cool article

Saw this article on Yahoo! about food labels and thought some might find it interesting. Particularly, the section about whole grains is an eye-opener. I can't count the number of times I've compared points on regular foods (say Ritz crackers) with the "made with whole grain" version and there's almost no difference in the nutrition facts.

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Some motivation

I'm a pretty big Biggest Loser fan and occasionally read Bob Harper's blog. Today, I came across a post he made in May and I thought he said some pretty helpful things that some of you might find motivating as well, even if you're not a fan of the show (he's referring to the new season 8 in those first few sentences):

We have a girl that is our biggest contestant EVER….476lbs. She has such a big heart and a big drive. She is going to do great!! It is just so inspiring to start a new season because in the beginning there is no talk of game play or any of that other CRAP! It is just a bunch of people that have decided to say, “Enough!!!!” Enough of all the excuses. Enough of all the complaining. Enough of all the excess. Enough of not relying on myself. Enough of sabotaging my goals. Enough of not loving and caring about myself. ENOUGH!!! Don't you feel the same way? When you say to me that you are just not motivated or you have lost motivation or you just can't, I want you to think about a woman right now that weighs almost 500lbs and she is doing it. She is beaten up and sore and she is just getting up and putting one foot in front of the other. Gain motivation and inspiration from a soul like hers. We can do anything that we put our minds too. We can say to ourselves that when we feel that lack of motivation, it is just the old ways trying to creep back into our minds and sabotage the good that we are trying to do. That is what it is. People always, on a daily basis, ask me how to I stay motivated….how do I keep going? I know it can be tough but this is a commitment and promise I made to myself to live a healthy and happy life. Today I ask you to make that same promise to yourself. Respect and love this body that God gave you and take good care of it. Promise yourself….xoxo

I think he really hits the nail on the head in the second half. Although it's easier said than done, you really do need to make (and keep!) a promise to yourself. When it comes to weight-loss and weight maintenance, everything we do is a choice. Choose to respect your body by making better choices.

You can read his blog in full here, but i think you have to register on his site first before you can view anything (registering is free). he doesn't post a *ton*, but when he does, he always says some pretty uplifting things.
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Healthy menu options

Sorry if this has already been posted, but there's a website called Good Food Near You where you can type in your location and it will list restaurants near you, along with their healthiest menu options.

That said, it pretty much lists all chain restaurants, but if you're heading to one and are in a hurry to pick something healthy ahead of time, it's kinda helpful.
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Your grocery list

I've seen numerous posts about "I'm heading to the grocery store. what should I buy? what do YOU buy?"

I think a lot of us congregate to this community b/c we aren't big fans of the WW.com forums. There are still plenty of amazing things that the rest of the site offers though. For instance, I found a great list of groceries to get you started. I know there's some new people here. :-)

Your Starter Shopping List

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 I'm not sure if this is against the rules - if it is, please delete.   I came across this article and thought it might be of interest to those who use Splenda and other sweeteners.  Not sure if it's a site that is anti-splenda before ever conducting trials, but it's not the first time i've heard of this.   I don't use sweeteners, but I figured some of you might...