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Hey guys!  I have some questions I was hoping you could help with.

I was on Weight Watchers previously and stopped because it just wasn't working out (I wasn't ready to commit to weight loss, and I'm sure you guys know how that goes).  Now I'm hoping to give it another shot, but I can't shell out the cash for WW Online just yet, so I was trying to figure out what number of points I should start with to hold off until I can resubscribe.

I found this calculator online that's supposed to tell me how many points I should start with, and it's giving me 29.  That's what's confusing me -- when I was subscribing, I started off at like 34 points or something like that, and I weighed less than I do now.  This was only a few months ago.  I was fairly certain that 29 is the minimum number of points you can have on the PointsPlus system.  Is this right?  I mean, I'm fine with that, I can work with 29, I'm just confused.

In a totally unrelated question, I know fruits and veggies are typically 0 points on the Plus system, but what if you eat a lot of them?  Do you guys usually start counting them if you go over X number per day?

Thanks SO MUCH for the help.  Happy weight loss!
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Start of Weight Watchers Points Plus!


So I'm finally making the switch from the old WW points plan to the new WW Points Plus! Last week marked the start of it! I'm really nervous about the switch, but I'm really excited to see where it takes me!

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Check out my YouTube channel :) Feel free to subscribe!!!
Stay healthy and keep up the great work everyone!!!
xoxo Pretty T

P.S. For those of you who are curious about what I'm eating or how I'm exercising, feel free to follow me on Twitter! That twitter account is dedicated for eating tips, food, recipes, and exercise, as well as a place for you to ask me questions besides posting on YouTube :)
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Favorite Ready to Eat/Frozen Meals on Points Plus???

So, I've been an off and on Weight Watcher for almost 15 years, and have recently gone back on WW again, following the same plan I did when I first joined. I know, it's ancient, but it worked and I lost 25 lbs. Had the labeling on the frozen meals not been changing, I probably would have completely ignored the new Points Plus overhaul entirely. But with all of it changing, it would probably be harder to fight it than go along with it, so I'm adapting.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I eat a lot of frozen and ready to eat food, mainly to take to work for lunches and such. What are some of your favorites (with the new point values, if you have them!)? My tastes are pretty varied (anything and everything, from southern comfort food to Indian), so any suggestions would be great!

And while I'm here, an intro:

Name: Jenn
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 235
CW (current weight): 210
GW (goal weight): 150-165

Thanks, guys!


Hey all

Having weighed myself post Christmas I was shocked to discovered I'm now up to 10 stone and 5lbs (145lbs I believe) and it's the heaviest I've ever been so I bit the bullet and joined WW online.

Height: 5'3"
SW: 145lbs

GW: 120lbs

I've been tracking for 2 days now and I'm starting to get the hang of things but I'm finding I'm not really using my points up. I'm a Vegetarian and a little stuck at what I should be eating that's low in points but fulling apart from soup which has always come up as 'zero points'. I'm also slightly sceptical at things coming up as 'zero points'...I think the whole system is a bit of a revelation for me lol

Any other Vegetarians on WW? What are your go to recipes? Any helpful sites?




 I think I've hit a serious plateau.

I've been stuck here around 234-236 for the past 3 or 4 weeks. I can't seem to get the weight loss kick started again. I'm still following the points, I'm tracking everything that I eat, but it seems like it's stopped working.

Any suggestions on how to jump start things again?

So yesterday was a bad day...

First thing that happened: I thought granola cereal was healthy so I had a big bowl of it. Yeah, that ate up 22 of my 35 points!!! So I was left skimping the rest of the day. But then...it happened. My dad knocked on my door and brought me one of those microwave hot sandwich thingies which is bound to have at least 400 calories. I wanted to tell him no, but it would hurt his feelings and he'd get upset and the whole rest of the day would be crappy, so I went ahead and ate it, sending my intake to waaaaay more than my points allow.

As that was only my second day on WW, it was a little discouraging. But I woke up this morning and thought "You know what, let's just forget that happened." My lesson? Plan meals ahead and make sure my family knows not to make me food without letting me know what they're making. If all else fails, just pretend to eat the sandwich and wrap it up for Mom later on. Oh, and just because it looks healthy doesn't mean that it is!!!

So on that note, I had some scrambled eggs and whole grain toast with a teaspoon of strawberry jam on each piece along with a cup of 1% milk to wash it down. Um...YUM?!?!? I'd have had a banana if my mom hadn't eaten the last one. Oh well. XD
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hi all!

im a 34 year old mother of three who is getting back on the ww horse after quite some time...i dont have the $ to join ww right this moment...so i was hoping one of you could help calculate my daily points allowance.

i dl'd a points tracker for my iphone, and am using another food logging app...the issue is that im currently breastfeeding and am unsure just how many pts. im allowed.


female (obvy)
200lbs (as of this morning though i suspect a lot of that is water from brunch yesterday. im usually around 195)
breastfeeding about 10x a day

what i'd like to know is my current pts. and also when it decreases (i seem to remember it adjusts every ten lbs lost?)

thanks so much for anyone who helps!

im hoping to be accountable through this forum...if anyone has any suggestions on weigh in forums, that'd be great!


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I'm going crazy here. Popcorn is a great food, but they should include points values for the entire bag!

For example, Jolly Time Healthy Pop 94% Fat Free says: 1 point per serving.
There are 2.5 servings or 12.5 cups popped in an entire bag.
Weight Watchers says: here that 5 cups of Jolly Time is 1 point.

So you could assume that 12.5 cups would be 2.5 points, right?

eTools says that 12.5 cups of this same popcorn is 4 points..which is what I originally calculated it at before I found the points value on the individual bags.

So is an entire bag of JTHPFF popcorn 2.5 points or 4 points?
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Weekly & Activity Points

In another post, someone mentioned that 1 point roughly equals 50 calories and that the body needs 1200 just to be. This made me wonder if my points are too low. I get 19 a day, which would be < 1000 calories a day, but that's what it recommends for my weight, height, etc. I'm 5'2", female, and currently weigh 132.5, so I'm only trying to lose about 10 more pounds.

Maybe I should incorporate more of my weekly points on a daily basis? This is only my 2nd week, so its all a bit confusing. Do people usually try to use all 35 WAPs too? Should I be shooting for 19-24 a day assuming 5 WAPs per day?

I exercise a lot, but sit all day in my job so that's what I chose when I took the quiz, figuring that the exercise will be added in as APs, which I try to eat since I'm so active and training for a marathon so I need to make sure I am fueled properly.

I don't feel like I'm starving or depriving myself of anything, and will go over my daily points if I need to feel satisfied or have had a particularly hard workout (like last Saturday when I ran a half marathon I used most of my WAPs and APs that day), but it is helping me make better choices.

I'd love to hear how everyone uses their WAPs and APs throughout the week. Thanks!
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I've got quite a few points/thoughts/questions for these few days.

Does anybody count points for standing in line for hours? Today I stood in line at Meijer to get a WiiFit (and they ran out -shaking fist-) and I'm sure Ill be walking around and standing for hours at 3am tomorrow.

You probably shouldn't be eating while reading the following:

During my morning adventure we stopped to get something to eat. Unfortunately my stomach was upset and I threw it up within minutes. Do I count the points? Half the points of the original items? None since I threw it up within minutes of swallowing the last bite?

And a last thought, I may have gained weight as of yesterday, but my goal is to not gain AKA staying the same or lose for the holiday. I'm also making Hungry Girl's pumpkin cheesecake to take to the relative and to leave one here. I've made it before, delicious! Linked you!

Happy Thanksgiving!