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Denim Diaries

Once more, this weekend, I went through my wardrobe to get rid of things that no longer fit. I pulled out every pair of jeans I owned from where ever they were, whether it was my drawers, closet, or boxes in the garage of things (during the last round of purging) I couldn't quite get back into yet. I am down to two pairs jeans that will fit me through maybe another three to five pounds before I have to give in and buy more. There are three moments of this escapade that stand out to me, though.

1) Putting on the jeans I wore in ninth grade and finding that not just one, but every single pair were way to big on me now - nearly ten years later. Not just jeans of the same size or same style, but the jeans I was wearing as a high school freshman - and they're not just a little baggy here or there; they looked completely ridiculous on me, even with fuller hips now than I had then.

2) Putting on the jeans I wore all the time when I was dating my ex-boyfriend two years ago and finding they - literally - fell to the floor after four steps. I cannot even begin to describe the wicked sense of happiness I felt in that moment, thinking about how his jaw would hit the floor if he were to see me now, after all that time only ever receiving an appearance-based compliment from him if he'd been drinking.

3) Putting on the jeans I wore on my first date with my current boyfriend and finding I could fit an entire shopping list's worth of groceries for Thanksgiving dinner in them with me - especially considering when I wore them that day eight months ago, I had to spend the whole morning stomping around my house like Godzilla, with these huge, lung-like steps, to break them in enough that I wouldn't have a muffin top through the entire night.
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Overweight and Healthy!!!

FINALLY, after weeks of being torturously close, according to WebMD, I have officially left being obese behind and am now overweight AND my waist-to-height ratio is healthy!

Also - when I bought workout clothes yesterday, I comfortably fit small pants. WHAT?!

I could do cartwheels! In fact, I think that is EXACTLY how I'm going to celebrate this. Woo-hoo!

WW Journey Began: 10/11/09
WW Start: 210 | WW Current: 153.8 | WW Goal: 130

Size 10

I decided to buy a new pair of shorts on Friday, and all they had left was a Size 10. i figured - ok, why not try it? I've been in a 12 for a while now.

They fit perfectly - not snug at all!! 

I can now wear a size 10. I figured I'd share my excitement on here, because a lot of you will understand how exciting this is for me. i've never in my life been in a size 10! :)


NSV... a bit weird, but still

had another NSV lately. Last week I wanted to go swimming and when I went to the pool I wore a pair of trousers that seemed a little big, so I wore a belt with them. I just didn't realize how much too big they really were until I did the swimming, went to change back into my street clothes and realized only then that when taking those trousers off I hadn't even bothered to open the button and zipper. I had just opened the belt and then pulled them down. You can't imagine how giggly this made me. One of the other woman in the locker room looked at me as if I was mad xD
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today's weigh in and a NSV

I'm almost there. At my 10%-goal that is. After 3 weeks where I didn't really lose much, this week I started exercising (played fun versions of rugby, handball and basketball for about 90 minutes on Thursday), and that seems to have helped. I've lost another 800g, and now am only half a kilo away from that first 10%. Hopefully I'll be there next week or the week after.
So my current stats are:
starting weight: 120,3 kg
last week: 109,3 kg
current weight: 108,5 kg
goal weight: 76-80 kg

What has been bothering me a little lately is that I thought you couldn't really see those nearly 12kg loss. I'm aware that this is probably only because I see myself every day in the mirror, and small continuous changes don't register too well, but still, I needed to see a real change. Which happened today: I went shopping for a pair of trousers (a "real" pair of jeans, not the sweatpants I bought last week), and *hooray!* I'm down one size. At the belly they're still a bit tight (not uncomfortably tight, though), but the real difference is my backside: so much better in this tighter pants than in my other pairs, which all looked a little too big by now. So: *hooray* for shopping trip, as it restored my motivation a lot.
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Weekly Weigh In

Down 1 lbs this week, weighing in at 195.5! Only four more pounds until I hit the 50 lbs mark! But the best news for me this week is that I fit into size 18 jeans. All of my maternity jeans and after baby jeans are officially packed away! YAY!
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Just a few weigh in updates and some NSV's

So far:

w01 Sept. 13, 09 (start): 417.8
w02 Sept. 20, 09: 411 (-6.8)
w03 Sept. 27, 09: 408.4 (-2.6)
w04 Oct. 4, 09: 399.2 (-9.2)
w05 Oct. 11, 09: 398.8 (-0.4)
w06 Oct. 18, 09: 393.2 (-5.6) 5%!
w07 Oct. 25, 09: 390.4 (-2.8)
w08 Nov. 01, 09: 385.2 (-5.2)
w09 Nov. 08, 09: IN VA MISSED
w10 Nov. 15, 09: 381.8 (-3.4)
w11 Nov. 22, 09: 377.8 (-4.0)
w12 Nov. 29, 09: 374.2 (-3.6) 10%!
Total Loss: 43.6

I finally got into a size 28 pants that I bought as goal pants, seat belts fit me better, and I am walking so so much better than ever before! This is pretty exciting.

This week so far (I weigh in on Sundays) has been kinda slow. I have an injury keeping me from the gym. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will be able to get there.

I hope that everyone else is doing well also!

p.s. Has anyone tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry mini bars from WW? They have saved me from a Hershey's disaster plenty of times. Do you know if any of the other mini bars or products are any good?
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Just had to share!! I am travelling in January - going to Florida with friends. And I needed new jeans and new t-shirts. I HATE clothes shopping: nothing makes me feel BIGGER than needing to grab larger sizes off the shelves, or having to shop at only certain stores because of my shape. Not to mention that after a while nothing looks good to me when I try it on, because I'm hot and tired and cranky.

But I went, and I am so glad I did!! Yesterday's shopping trip was great for my self-esteem! I have pants I bought last Christmas that are size 24 at Additionelle (plus size store, if you've never heard of it - very nice clothing), and the jeans I bought yesterday are SIZE 18!! They fit great - and now I can really see what weight I've lost, because I'm not wearing my baggy old jeans. Plus, I don't need to worry about them slipping down without a belt. :P

Also, my t-shirts are now size X instead of 1X or 2X, and they still feel roomy. I don't like tight clothing, but these don't feel tight. DAMN I LOOK GOOD! Well, better than I have in over a year!! LOL

If this keeps up, my opinion of shopping may change... ;)
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When I started WW a month ago, I had one pair of jeans that fit and a closet full of jeans that didn't fit.

I went through the closet yesterday and found 9 pairs of jeans that fit! Yay!