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Scale Victory

8 weeks post partum. I ate like crap for the last 7 weeks and was finally able to stick to the plan this week and lost 6.4 lbs. Feels good to get the ball rolling.

DH and I are pre-planning evening meals for the week ahead now - I love having a plan!
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Working Out

I've been losing weight steadily just counting points but know that I need to start working out for my health and to tone up! Baby belly is a disaster! But....I'm having a really hard time getting in a workout and I know that a lot of people may say, find the time, etc but with a 12 week old, nursing, work, grad school, by the end of the day I'm beat. Add on cold weather that I can't take baby girl outside for walks it makes it hard. I've been using my baby carrier when we go to the stores so I have her additional weight while I'm walking around (plus my hands are free to grab things, so much nicer than a stroller!) and I've been doing push ups/sit ups in the am before baby gets up. But I'm struggling to get cardio in. I have a lot of DVD's but most are at least 30 minutes and I have a hard time finding the time to get that in, plus changing into workout clothes, getting cleaned up afterwards all while baby cooperates.

I'm trying to get her on some sort of schedule so I can add cardio into my routine, but was thinking that maybe there is some sort of baby and me cardio workout I could do.....any ideas?
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Week three weigh in

I'm down 4 lbs this week...! So in three weeks I'm down a total of 10 lbs. I lost 6 lbs my first week and then NONE my second week! Maybe this is just how my body does it! I'm 8 lbs away from my first mini goal weight of 199 :) I can't wait to see that scale be under the 200's!

I went shopping yesterday and bought some clothes as all of my maternity clothes were too big but my pre-pregnancy pants don't fit yet. So I'm in a size 20, not too happy about that since before I got pregnant I was an 18 and I'm at a lower weight than when I got pregnant :(

Anyways, I'm adding in an exercise DVD to my plan this week. It's a 15 minute post partum DVD so I'm hoping to find 15 minutes every morning to do this, I know 15 minutes isn't a lot but it's a start. I want to do this for two weeks and then continue to add more. I'm somewhat frustrated at this point because it's quite cold here in Michigan so I can't take baby out for walks, and the nearest mall is 30 minutes. So I'm going to try and mall walk 2 times per week just to get some walking in!
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I'm back

I’m ready to come back! On my wedding day (August 2007) I weighed 164, in December of 2008, I weighed 211. Needless to say, marriage, a new job and then my father getting seriously injured at work took a huge toll on my weight. Then I got the best news of my life, I was pregnant and due in September 2009. Well, at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 241.5 and it’s been three weeks since the birth of my beautiful baby girl and I am weighing in at 217 (Sunday). I am breast feeding so I know that I will get to my pre-pregnancy weight shortly. I’m worried about getting under that weight though.

My husband has been doing ww for the last 4 weeks and has lost 15 lbs (he is down to 175 and wants to hit 163..how he came up with that number I have no idea). But we’ve both been doing much better on our eating habits! Having a child makes you think twice about putting food in your mouth!

My stats:

Age- 26
Height- 5’4”
Highest weight- 241.5
Current weight- 217
Short term goal- 211 (pre-pregnancy weight)
Long term goal weight- 150

I plan on aiming for 10 lbs at a time 

At this time I’m using the core program and just trying to choose as many healthy foods as possible and focusing on my hunger. I don’t think I have time to count points just yet!


Name: Rachel

Age: 25

Height: 5'7

SW (starting weight): 228.8 (today. i've already lost some weight in the last month.)

CW (current weight): 228.8

GW (goal weight): 160

Anything else you wanna add:
I just had a baby 8/26. He'll be 6 weeks old this Wednesday. I have my 6 week follow up appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and I'm going to ask for the official go-ahead to start actively trying to lose weight. I'm positive I'll get it, and after seeing the commercial for a free month of WW online, I went ahead and signed up today. I'll just wait to start until I get the official okay.

I've done WW before, but didn't have nearly as much weight to lose. I also hadn't just had a baby. I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around how I'm going to eat all these points. I have 39 daily points, including the extra 10 I get for breastfeeding. Being familiar with points (last time I did WW I got 24 points), 39 daily points seems like more food than I'm already eating! Any other BFing moms out there who can reassure me that I'll be able to lose weight while eating that much food?
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I know that you cannot continue weight watchers while you are pregnant, I already cancelled my monthly pass.
What I am wondering is other experiences people had while getting pregnant in the middle of their weight loss journey.

I have my doctors appointment set up to ask her all about weight gain/loss during pregnancy. Since I am still quite obese (350lbs) I think that I should be fine trying to maintain my weight or possibly losing some during the course of my pregnancy. But i was hoping to find some people who have gone through this before.

So my major question, is has anyone gotten pregnant while they still have a lot to lose, and what did you do about your weight while pregnant. What did the doctor tell you about your weight while pregnant?
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Nursing Moms

Are there any women in here that started WW after having their baby? I'm due with my first on September 19th and have done an awesome job of keeping my weight gain healthy during this pregnancy while following some ww tips/guidelines. I've gained 20 lbs so far which my midwife/doctor are very pleased with. I am excited to start ww while I'm nursing and wondered what your experiences were with that, I won't be able to attend meetings with all the new changes and busy schedule but do have the books that explain the additional requirements.

I'm just looking for personal experiences :)
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program question

i've been searching the ww website, but I can't find an answer... so I thought I'd ask here. I've paid up for a few months, but there is a possibility I might be pregnant (!!) is there a way they can suspend my account? or will they refund my money for the part I've already paid? I will most certainly return to the program to lose baby weight after.... but I'm just wondering what to do about the months I've already paid for.

Anyone know?


Are there any nursing mothers in this group? I am not going to meetings currently, but want to re-start WW. I know I am supposed to get 10 extra points for this, but with my current weight that puts me at 40 points/day. I don't really think I eat that much NOW and I'm not sure how eating more will help me lose weight.