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question about core

What the heck happened to the core program?

I was going to rejoin and I hear that the core program is no longer available?

I seriously can not do points, it does my head in and now it makes me not want to rejoin it. I call the lady on the phone and she was basically a jerk.

Any of you still doing core?
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i am a lifetime member of WW back when flex points were just new. anyhow, i was looking online today and saw they have a new MOMENTUM program. i'm not asking you to tell me how or what to do to follow this. i was just wondering what the difference was between that program and the old pre-core flex points plan so i know if its worth it to come back. the website make it sound just like points with a new name.

Weight Watchers points or Weight Watchers core - that is the question!

I'm torn. Way torn. I love protein but I also need some carbs.

What is easier to do - core or points?

In college I knew people that did points but didn't count fruit, as they said "who gets fat on veggies and fruits?" so I figure that's cool, I can eat a lot of that.  - core and points = fruit friendly.

The problem with Core is I need more than 5 points a day sugar/carb wise. I like some bred or some cereal. I like my apple juice or a little mocha frap.... but aren't meats hard to guess point wise?

If I do small points with a mocha frap (3 points) my sandwich (around 4) or cereal (around 4) - that's great for the point system.... but how many points is chicken or fish, can you eat your fair share on points? Steak I heard takes loads of points!

I have to figure out what I am doing by the end of the day!
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Confused with Momentum

Now, I'm doing this online, and I'm trying to figure this out but..

With the new momentum program, do you stay with your Flex Points per day or is it a weekly point count like Core?

Do you count points for something with a diamond by it (on etools?)

For example: I have 28 points a day if doing straight Flex.

This is a cut/paste of my WW tool on facebook

1 fried egg 2
3 slices bacon 3
1 chicken noodle soup 4
2 granola bars 4
1 cup minute rice 3
grilled chicken 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
lesuer peas 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
cream of mush soup 2

Now, it's 7:46pm, and I have 10 points to eat?

Have I lost my mind or missed something somewhere?

I'm hoping I'm not screwing myself up by the way I've been doing this. I figure, this is my first week back on the wagon and at least I'm trying to make better choices instead of going nutty, but I would like to get it straight.


Momentum Program

I am going to rejoin WW probably in April, I am pregnant and due in mid February so I obviously am not doing WW now but I keep hearing there is a new program.  Just wondering if someone could give me a little overview and tell me about it so I know what to expect...thanks!!  :)

The new plan???

Ive been doing ww alone at home since July.. I'm an exmember thats how I have the materials.. Anyway I've caught wind of a new plan called the momentum plan. Does anyone know anything about this? What does it consist of? I'm extremely curious!


Kinda angry. I just joined WW Online about 3 weeks ago. So of course I buy the dining out companion and points book so I can have something with me to reference when I'm not near a computer. I'm reading up on the new plan now and if I read correctly the points have changed? So have I wasted my money on these books? I wonder if they'll refund me the purchase price.

AP swap?

Okay, so I used all of my daily points and actaully went over by one. But, I had 4 AP points.

But it took that extra point out of my weekly 35?! Um, it didn't swap like it used to? Am I supposed to do this myself some how? I looked over the info about the new plan and maybe I read it to fast but I didn't really notice a lot of talk about AP points.

Does anyone know anything about this?