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My story

Hello there! I know it's been awhile since I've visited and checked in on things going on here. Life has been crazy since January 5th and the arrival of my amazing baby boy. :-) I am a moderator and the owner of this wonderful community. I like to check in from time to time to see how things are going. I thought I'd share my story for the many new members here. :-)

I originally lost 35 pounds with the WW program in 2007-2008. Yes... it took me about 1 year to reach Lifetime! I then became an employee for WW in Jan of 2009. I became pregnant in April of 2010 and had my baby in Jan of 2011. I'm on the road back to my goal weight. :-) Currently I am 14 pounds from goal and LOVING the Points Plus program!!! I was so excited to begin following it b/c like many of you know... WW does not have a program for pregnant women and as an employee I knew about the new program since Sept! You can understand my excitement! :-)

Soooo, it's nice to meet you all and I hope to be checking in more often and maybe posting a little about my journey like all of you do. :-) Until then, I enjoy reading your posts, borrowing your ideas/tricks, and admiring your before/after pictures. :-)

Speaking of... here's something I posted awhile ago - Before and afters
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Mod Post

How does everyone feel about the promotion of other communities in our lovely little community? I see them and don't see any comments to them so I'm not sure if you love them, hate them, or just live with them. I can gladly delete any that come across if you all would prefer.

Your thoughts are appreciated. :-)