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Weight Watchers and Diabetes?

I've been following the  Weight Watchers program for about a year and a half now and have lost about 50lbs.  I was just diagnosed (rather traumatically) last week with Type 1 Diabetes, and I need to reconfigure my lifestyle now.  Are there other people in this community who are following a low-carb diet and weight watchers at the same time, or people who are otherwise living with diabetes and following the Weight Watchers program?  I still have about 70lbs to lose to get to my goal, and Weight Watchers has been so good to me... I am just trying to figure out how to fit it in to my new life.  Any advice you can offer would be wonderful!

[x-posted] Alli Warning

Hi all,

I don't post or comment a lot - hell, I haven't used my own journal in a month or so... but I had some news that I felt it was too important not to share in this and similar communities.

I've used Alli off and on over the last couple of years when I've gotten on the wagon and for the most part, it worked for me with few to no side effects (because I heeded their warnings and when i cheated food wise, I didn't take a pill).

I've had some other medical issues going on in my life through those periods and every time I've had blood work drawn while taking Alli, my liver enzymes levels were insanely high.  I RARELY drink and I don't take Tylenol, etc... so my doctor was baffled.  When I gave up on weight loss for a while, I had blood work done for something else, it was back at wonderful low baseline numbers.

When I restarted my plan in February, I began taking it again.  In June, blood work came back with levels higher than before.  Testing for hepatitis was negative though an ultrasound showed inflammation.

My doctor and I began working through every detail and when I told him I was taking Alli, he perked up.  There's no confirmed link between them, but Alli is coming under scrutiny for long term use.  In May this year, the FDA issued press releases and required Alli to adjust its packaging to include potential liver risks.  According to the FDA there are 13 documented cases of SEVERE liver damage in relation to Alli. 

Anyway... I'm OK and only found out about it because they were testing other stuff on me.  Had I not known however, it could have been bad for me.  They say initially that it seems to be a rare effect but to be careful while taking it.  I think people just haven't been looking for it until it became a big problem.

I just wanted to share in case any of you are using it.  Get yourselves checked!
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I'm worried about my weigh in on Sunday. I had surgery yesterday (gall bladder removed) and I couldn't eat from midnight until about 6 pm...and I've been on clear fluids since then until tonight when I can start with light meals such as toast, etc. I'm hoping this doesn't make my body freak out. I also had a lot of IV fluids so am feeling pretty bloated right now. Hopefully the scale is nice to me and goes down a pound or two. My goal was to be under 200 by Thanksgiving. Last weigh in was 206, so I don't think I'll make it but it could be close!
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Intro and question

Hi there! Long time reader, first time poster.

Name: Stella 

Age: 29

Height: 5’9”

SW (starting weight): 277.0 lbs

CW (current weight): 247.8 lbs

GW (goal weight): <200 lbs at the moment

So my reason for weight loss is my sister. I wasn’t really fed up at the weight I was at, just sort of annoyed, and I was still really active and I felt alright. About four years ago my younger sister came down with very serious liver problems and we’ve been on the wait list for a donor since July of this year. They wouldn’t consider me or my younger brother even though we’re both matches because of how heavy we both are. Enter weight watchers. My brother and I have both been doing really well and we’re hoping that one of us can give her half of one of our livers if light enough.


I also have a question. My blood sugar has always been on the low side (was prone to hypoglycemia until I started eating like 60g of beef/fish/chicken/beans/etc. per day) and I’ve found that since starting WW some days I wake up with a screaming headache (not having eaten for 8 hours and all). Anyone else have this problem and found ways to counteract it? The only way I've found so far has been to save some points until right before bed, and even then the headache is sometimes still there, just not as bone-shatteringly awful. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!



At the beginning of this year, I began the program again hardcore. I have a crazy sweet tooth, so I figured that eating a little sugar every couple of hours would help satisfy. It was working and it was fantastic and I felt wonderful. Well, I have a mouthful of cavities now. I brush, floss, rinse, the whole nine yeards. The dentist said it doesn't matter how much sugar you eat, but how you spread out the intake. If you sip your coffee all day, for example, to make those points last longer, you might be doing a lot of damage.

So just a heads up to you sugar lovers!
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I know that you cannot continue weight watchers while you are pregnant, I already cancelled my monthly pass.
What I am wondering is other experiences people had while getting pregnant in the middle of their weight loss journey.

I have my doctors appointment set up to ask her all about weight gain/loss during pregnancy. Since I am still quite obese (350lbs) I think that I should be fine trying to maintain my weight or possibly losing some during the course of my pregnancy. But i was hoping to find some people who have gone through this before.

So my major question, is has anyone gotten pregnant while they still have a lot to lose, and what did you do about your weight while pregnant. What did the doctor tell you about your weight while pregnant?