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Hello there!

Name: Laura

Age: 26

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 204lbs

CW (current weight): 204lbs

GW (goal weight): 150lbs

Hi everyone, I've just joined LJ to write about my (hopeful) weight loss. If anyone would like to add my journal please feel free to do so and perhaps we can help buddy each other along. :-)

I also have PCOS aswell and would be very interested in hearing from other people in a similar situation who are attempting to lose weight.



Name: Ashley

Age: 34

Height: 5' 8 or 9"

SW (starting weight): 218

CW (current weight): 204

GW (goal weight): 145

Anything else you wanna add:

I have been back and forth with my weight. Usually the only times I have been thin was with some kind of aid- last time it was pills from the 'fat doctor'. I am currently a size 17, and when I am thin I am a size 11. Size 11 may seem large but I am tall... I have a whole amazing wardrobe in size 11 and I want to wear those clothes so badly! I get on my eliptical almost every day for 20 minutes. Sometimes I do pilates. I weigh myself with a wii fit- which is lovely- it keeps track of your weight and BMI and it has fun exercises! I have never done actual WW- I want to but have no idea how to start.

Hi again.

Name: Amy 

Age:  35

Height:  5' 4"

SW (starting weight):  261.2

CW (current weight): ...

GW (goal weight):  150?

Anything else you wanna add

Well, here I am again.  I just located a picture from the last time I was on WW - taken exactly 1 year ago today - after having lost 52 pounds.  I don't remember if I lost much more than that, but...it's all back, with interest, and when I last weighed myself I was at my highest weight ever.  Gulp.

My main motivator happened while I was on vacation.  My feet hurt so much from walking, and I didn't fit very well in a lot of amusement park rides.  It's also almost impossible for me to find nice clothes these days.

I have tons of material and cookbooks from the old Turnaround/Momentum plan, which I used before, and since it's what I'm most familiar with, it's the plan I've started with.  Tomorrow will be my first "weigh-in" (I began the plan on July 15)

My big problem is that I really, really enjoy food, and I admit it's been a rough week.  I'm trying to remember what I used to cook (I made a chicken chili yesterday that was TERRIBLE) and earlier this evening the neighbours were barbecuing and the smell was driving me bananas!

Intro...kinda: restarting (again)

Age: 26 (27 later this year)
Height: 5'3"
SW (starting weight): 258.2
CW (current weight): 258.2
GW (goal weight): for now, 5%, then I'll go on from there
Anything else you wanna add: I think I've lost cout of amount of times I've been off and back on the wagon....

Hi all, just thought I'd pop in to (re)introduce myself. Technically I've been a member of this community for a few years (posted a few times under my old name, soldiers_pixie) but haven't frequented the comm much since I haven't really been sticking to program for a while.

Like mentioned above, I really have lost track of how many times I've been off and back on the program. I was first introduced to WW when I was 16, but wasn't very serious about it. Around the fall of my 22nd birthday I moved back home from college, being in the bridal party of a friend's upcomming wedding gave me the push to revisit it. I stuck fairly diligently to it and ended up losing 10%. For reasons I really don't know I fell off the wagon not too long after that, and these past few years have pretty much been rinse and repeat...go back on plan, stay for a while, fall back onto old (unhealthy) habits, stop going to meetings and tracking...pretty much not being on program, decide to go back and more often than not see I've regained all that I lost as well as a little more, again, stay for a whle, fall off wagon, go back at higher new starting weight....and so on and so forth.

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So, in case of tl:dr---pretty much, I've been off and on program a lot these past couple of years. Recent events have led me to really see how out of shape I am [aka I'm a 26 year old with the endurance level of a 80 yr old...] and in general I'm not liking what I see in pictures and in the mirror.

My past experience has shown me that when I stick to the plan I see and feel wonderful results. So, the only hurdle is *staying* on plan, and not giving up for whatever reason (I'll admit, usually it's been just laziness..) like I've been doing.
I just keep thinking 'oh yeah, I'm motivated and good to go NOW, but c'mon we've seen this before, in a few months I'll make up some excuse and fall off the wagon and then in a year I'll be doing this again...' and I'm trying not to let that way of thinking linger in my head since that's pretty much setting myself up for a self fufilling prophecy and being incredibly negative but it's hard. Any words of wisdom on how to stay motivated from anyone who might have had a revolving door in their WW history would definetely be appreciated.

Thanks, and sorry for rambling on and on haha.

New Member Intro

Good evening all! My Info:

Name: Sarah

Age: 33

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 355.6

CW (current weight): 346.6

GW (goal weight): 150

I think I need some support outside of my meetings... I over-ate at lunch today, and felt like crap afterwards, and I think I have gained this week. I will know more on Saturday morning.

How do you all keep yourselves motivated when things get tough?


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I am so happy I found this!

Hi all!

I'm Heather, a 23 yr old college student from Georgia!

I just starting doing weight watchers last week after my mom lost tons of weight on it (and has kept it off), as well as my dad and my best friend.

I just got out of a relationship where I was constantly being told to lose some weight and that I wasn't attractive. It was such a toxic relationship and I'm glad to be out of it. Now, I'm losing weight for me!

Name: Heather

Age: 23

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 195

CW (current weight): 190 (after doing the plan for just one week, I lost five pounds!)

GW (goal weight): 130

I cannot wait to share recipes, and my triumphs and set backs (hopefully there aren't many of those) with you guys! I need a support system, so I'm really thinking this will help!
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Favorite Ready to Eat/Frozen Meals on Points Plus???

So, I've been an off and on Weight Watcher for almost 15 years, and have recently gone back on WW again, following the same plan I did when I first joined. I know, it's ancient, but it worked and I lost 25 lbs. Had the labeling on the frozen meals not been changing, I probably would have completely ignored the new Points Plus overhaul entirely. But with all of it changing, it would probably be harder to fight it than go along with it, so I'm adapting.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I eat a lot of frozen and ready to eat food, mainly to take to work for lunches and such. What are some of your favorites (with the new point values, if you have them!)? My tastes are pretty varied (anything and everything, from southern comfort food to Indian), so any suggestions would be great!

And while I'm here, an intro:

Name: Jenn
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 235
CW (current weight): 210
GW (goal weight): 150-165

Thanks, guys!
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♥Name: Katie
♥Age: 21
♥Height: 5'7
♥SW: 298
♥GW:in the long run 150. My short term goals are 10 lbs gone by January 1st, 25 lbs down by February 25th, and 50 down by May 25th.

I'm new to the WW thing. I know its worked for a bunch of people so I'm hoping I can be one of those people :D
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My intro

 Hello, I'm new. I thought I would join a LJ comm and see if I start doing any better. I started really well, losing 2 stone in 6 months.  I've hit a motivational wall at the moment, even though my best friend got engaged 2 weeks ago and I'm going to be maid of honour... you would think that that would mean that motivation was at a all time high. I thought so too... I thought wrong however. Now I don't only feel like I'm letting myself down I'm letting my friend down who won't want to see me depressed on her wedding day because I'm fat.

Anyway, the intro post questionnaire.

Name: Helen

Age: 25

Height: 5'3"

SW (starting weight): 273lbs

CW (current weight): 242lbs

GW (goal weight): 140 (a lifetime away...)

Anything else you wanna add: I'm in the Uk... if there are any other british members out there... let me know :p


Type of WW member: Online
How long have you been an 'official' member of WW?: Since September 27, 2010.
First name: Samantha
Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Starting Weight: 236
Current Weight: 218
Goal Weight: I ultimately at least want to get down to 150.
Tell us a little something about yourself: I had my son on January 13th of this year. I went from 200 to 230 being pregnant with him. Him and his father are the loves of my life, but now I'm ready to shed the pounds and get down to a healthy weight. My BMI started at 39.3 and is now down to 36.3. If I get down to 145, my BMI will be in the "normal weight" group. I'm a little nervous and a little excited for the new plan that's about to roll out for us around November 28th. I've read a little about ProPoints and it seems like it's going to help us lose even more weight!

I look forward to new WW friends! Feel free to add me (: