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I was doing so great for about two weeks. I took off approximately four pounds which is right on target for just starting out. I got sick over the weekend and I feel terrible. So while I haven't been overeating, I haven't been exercising, and I know I can't lose without it. I know I shouldn't be working out while I'm sick (I have a stomach virus or something rather), but I feel like I should be. Does anyone here ever run into this? Do you try to talk yourself into going to the gym? haha.

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soooo i have  a nasty cold. what do you guys do when you get colds/sinus infections-do you still track? I know the best thing is to get healthy but i mean i'm not puking or anything...but ive been living off OJ(which is pretty high in calories) and green tea. Just trying to decide if I should track all this OJ and crap I'm drinking/eating or just ignore WW until I get better in a few days...?:(


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This is kinda gross so I apologize, but... if you get sick at your stomach, how does that affect your points intake? Do you stick with the same amount, or do allot yourself any extra because, well, you threw some of them up? :( Ew, sorry.


So I've come down with a headcold/sinus infection thing and my appetite has pretty much disappeared.  Yesterday, I only ate 10 points all day.  I got in all of my water, dairy and fruit/veggie servings.  It took a lot to force it down, but I'm wondering how badly not eating all of my points will impact me.  I'm feeling even worse today, but I'm trying to eat what I can.