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so tomorrow i am going back on track...one thing i need to work on is getting in my daily calcium....i hate drinking milk plain, i like it in cereal, but i don't really like to eat cereal because it is a huge trigger food for me. i always have 1 yogurt a day which is about 20% calcium...but other than that i am not sure what else to do. i got some WW string cheese for 1 point and and its 15% calcium. i tried those viactive chews but was disgusted by them. do calcium supplements work as well as consuming it via food? yogurts don't really fill me up so i don't really want to be eating like 4 day lol.
any ideas?

Oh fiber... so good and so bad.

I've been doing really pretty well on WW for a few weeks now. I can't say I've had any real fail moments, because I don't think I've gone over my flex points on any given week.

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A yay for me though, I just ordered a digital food scale off of Amazon to replace the extremely questionable spring loaded one I've been using for years that I sincerely doubt is accurate. It will be nice to know what is an ounce of deli ham, should I so choose to eat it.
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vitamin find

hey, just wanted to share a new vitamin find. Not sure how "new" it is but its new to me! Target sells these babies. They are GUMMY vitamins. You take 2 fruit flavored gummies a day and its a multi-vitamin! There are 15 cals for every 2 gummies so you are supposed to take 2 a day. This is a big deal for me cuz I HATE choking down those 1 a day women's. They taste like shit and are ginormous ;) so I recommend these gummies for anyone like me. They also have other kinds- some specifically for omega-3 and anotherr one for b-12 and another for calcium... Those all have more calories though I think so I just stuck to the multi vitamin.

And they were either 5.99 or 6.99 here in IL for a bottle of 70(so a little over a month's supply, FYI)


Second post today!

Hey guys, I was wondering what kinds of supplements you take?

I take a prebiotic supplement in the AM because I've been having some digestive problems, it seems to be helping a lot! I also take my multivitamin in the AM.

At night I take three fish oil capsules and a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D pill to help bone strength. My mom told me that your bones grow at night so that is the best time to take a calcium supplement and the vitaminD and magnesium help absorption, also when strength training your bones grow too, so the calcium helps that also. I have a hard time getting all my milk products in so I also like taking that pill to make me feel like I'm not missing out - the bottle says take 3 though! Weird.

Losing focus!

After going home for a week and spending the weekend in restaurants, I am gearing up for disappointment tomorrow because I went over all my points. Anyway, my losses have been very small since I started (usually less than a pound a week with a few weeks losing 2 lbs) so I have not lost a whole lot in two months, and I was hoping to lose 10 in another two months but that's not looking realistic.

I do WW Online, but I was wondering what constitutes a "serving" of milk or veggies/fruit. I think a serving of veg/fruit is for a cup of leafy greens or a half cup of normal veg. For milk, is it a 1/2 cup serving also? What about cheese?

I'm going to try harder to fill *all* my dailies, and finally this week I can get back to the gym! Also, I've been very bad about sneaking food and not counting it, I need to focus on what's most important right now - losing that weight!
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good health guidelines

Hi everyone! Just a quick question about the good health guidelines. Where can I find more specific information about what counts as a serving of dairy, oils, protein, etc.? I found really basic serving information under "Plan information" using e-tools, but not anything like what I'm looking for. Did I miss something?

Thanks to everyone, this community has been a great help. I had my 4th weigh-in tonight and I got my 5% sticker! I'm so proud of myself :)