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Hello there!

Name: Laura

Age: 26

Height: 5'5"

SW (starting weight): 204lbs

CW (current weight): 204lbs

GW (goal weight): 150lbs

Hi everyone, I've just joined LJ to write about my (hopeful) weight loss. If anyone would like to add my journal please feel free to do so and perhaps we can help buddy each other along. :-)

I also have PCOS aswell and would be very interested in hearing from other people in a similar situation who are attempting to lose weight.

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Hi everyone- I've been following this community for a while (rarely posted though) and just wanted to share some exciting news... I made goal this morning! 90 pounds, gone.

You can read more about it, as well as see some before/after pics on my blog, The Stretch Jean Incident.

And I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to post such helpful, supportive information here. It definitely made a difference in my journey!


Hey everyone!! I am very excited to report that I officially dropped another pound this week!!! This is amazing because not only did I eat my 35 Flex points, but I also ate nearly 40 of my APs (I went to a concert AND a wedding in the past week). I exercised a LOT to prepare for these events.

The best news is that I've said goodbye to the 180's and hello to the 170's!!!  My official weigh-in is 179.8. I'll take it! I'm only 1.8 lbs away from the lowest weight I've ever known in my adult life.  This is very exciting and a little scary! From here on out, I'm not sure what my body will look like and feel like.  This is a real motivation for me.  It's like I'm exploring and I can't wait to find out what's at the end of my journey!

I'm 24.8 pounds away from a 'healthy weight' and 39.8 from my ultimate goal....but who knows..that could change. I wonder if I'll be TOO skinny at 140 lbs.  Only time will tell!

All I can say is...I'm going to keep running!! I'm training for an 10K in Va Beach on Halloween and an 8K in Richmond November 14th.  I keep improving every day!  I'm also pretty excited to show up at my college's homecoming this fall and see people's reactions when they see I'm 35 lbs lighter than the last time they saw me! hahaha

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goal reached!

I finally made my goal! I'm past it, actually; I weighed in Friday and have gotten down to about 126 (my goal was 128). I don't know what to say besides I'm really excited! I haven't been at this weight since high school, so this is quite the accomplishment for me.

I also wanted to mention some NSVs. First, I went to Olive Garden this weekend with friends and only had one breadstick with minestrone soup to begin my meal, and then I only ate half my meal (Shrimp Caprese) and boxed the rest. In the past, I probably would've eaten 2 or 3 breadsticks with salad or soup, and eaten the whole meal, so I was very proud that I held back. Second, I found some capris in my room that I hadn't worn since last summer (not because they didn't fit, but because my room is like the Bermuda Triangle) and I realized I needed a belt with them. I like to wear my belt buckles to the side, so when I put one on with these capris, the way the buckle fell in between the loops was odd because the loops are wide, so I said to myself, "This is weird...how did I do this before?" and then I remembered when I wore them last year I didn't use a belt because the pants were very tight fitting. Now I can't wear them without a belt or they'll fall down!

Next step: I would really like to get a 2 piece bathing suit for my vacation (to San Diego...woo!) in a few weeks. I've never been able to wear one, so if I can get comfortable with it and find one that looks nice, I'll be really psyched!

ww goal weight vs. personal goal

I've seen many people say they met their ww goal and now are working on their personal goal. What do you mean by that?

Does that mean I could make my WW goal weight 145 and maintain for 6 weeks to make lifetime and then work to lose 5 to hit my personal goal of 140?

I know on maintenence you had to be within 2 lbs of goal so that is what I'm assuming.

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Goal Weight Question

When do you officially declare your goal weight?  I know what I want it to be, but no one at any of the meetings have asked me yet.  Is it after you reach your ten percent?  I'm hoping to hit that next week!
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so before weight watchers i was a food-as-reward type person. now, obviously, that is not a possibility.

i noticed on the WW forums on their site that some people have some sort of reward when they reach 10% or 20lbs or their long term goal like a new tattoo or small vacation

i'm just wondering what kinds of rewards you give yourself when you reach your short term and long term goals? any suggestions? (I'm not a mani-peti type girl).