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Favorite Ready to Eat/Frozen Meals on Points Plus???

So, I've been an off and on Weight Watcher for almost 15 years, and have recently gone back on WW again, following the same plan I did when I first joined. I know, it's ancient, but it worked and I lost 25 lbs. Had the labeling on the frozen meals not been changing, I probably would have completely ignored the new Points Plus overhaul entirely. But with all of it changing, it would probably be harder to fight it than go along with it, so I'm adapting.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I eat a lot of frozen and ready to eat food, mainly to take to work for lunches and such. What are some of your favorites (with the new point values, if you have them!)? My tastes are pretty varied (anything and everything, from southern comfort food to Indian), so any suggestions would be great!

And while I'm here, an intro:

Name: Jenn
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 235
CW (current weight): 210
GW (goal weight): 150-165

Thanks, guys!

Arg! Hate it when I don't ask questions at meeting...

Hi, everyone!  Went to my meeting last night and was super excited to get all my new materials.  Not super excited about having to look up points values again, but it's all part of the process, so I'll live with it.  I purchased a new points calculator, which will make life much easier, however I'm having a bit of a problem.  I thought I could figure out how to use the calculator, so I didn't ask for help from my leader.  Guess what?  I can't figure out what number to put in for carbs!  I know that sounds so stupid, but I don't know if I should be putting the "Total Carbs" or what to enter.  For example:

On a favorite "go to" snack bar that I love, here's what's listed:

Total Carbohydrates  11g
   Dietary Fiber 1g
   Sugars 0g
   Sugar Alcohols 5g
   Other Carbs 4g

I entered 11g for carbs into the calculator.  Do any of you know if that would be correct?  I don't want to wait until my next meeting and then find out I've been doing this wrong for a whole week.

P.S.  I have no idea what sugar alcohols are... how sad I didn't know what was in my food.  I think this new plan is going to be great for my general knowledge about what I'm putting in my mouth!!
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Hi! I'm new to this community and recommitting to Weight Watchers (as of this past Wednesday). I joined WW my junior year of HS (after a doctor approval) and lost 30 pounds. I got a job and my supervisor would never give me my meeting night off. Gained it all back and a little more. So now that I'm back on WW and living on my own I had a question concerning making recipes.
Is there a specific guideline on how to count points for recipes that you make yourself? Or if you made a sandwich do you count the bread, meat, and extras as separate points? This is one of the things I wanted to get cleared up before I did it wrong and didn't see any results with being back on the program.

Update 6/19/09: I recently found the solution in the Week 1 Book.
For example:
Bean and Cheese Nachos
36 chips - 6 pts
1 cup refried beans - 4 pts
1/2 cup cheese - 4 pts
1/4 cup salsa - 0 pts
Total points: 14

Divide by the number of servings, such as 6 servings.
14/6 = 2.33 Points
2.33 rounded to the nearest whole number = 2 Points value per serving.

Or if you have eTools, it will do it for you.

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Comcast suscribers? Plus my favorite new snack

Hi all,

I've been gone for a looooooong time, but getting back on the WW horse again. Down 1.8 my first week, so I'm psyched about that!

I was just looking through the programs on Comcast OnDemand and noticed that there are a LOT of exercise shows. Have any of you tried any of them? Any recommendations?

Also, I wanted to put a plug in for my new favorite mid-afternoon snack - Chocolate peppermint stick Luna bars. They're 3 points. Not exactly a health food, but they are super yummy and totally statisfy that 2:00PM chocolate craving, for a lot less points than a brownie or enormous chocolate chip cookie!
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First weigh in!

I was terrified to weigh myself this week. This was my first week of WW and I was sure that I wouldn't lose a single pound! I was sick last week when I started, so I started WW a couple pounds under my usual weight. I was sure that I would jump back up to 166 or even just stay at 164. Boy was I surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale! I lost a whole 1.5 pounds! I know that's not a lot, but it was invigorating to see that I at least lost that.

I feel confident that I can keep going. I hope next week's weigh in will feel this good!

Also, do you any of you have some great vegetarian WW recipes?

SW: 164
CW: 162.5
GW: 120
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Office activities?

Hi! I posted my intro earlier this week. I talked to a few of you about various fitness activities (and we bemoaned the fact that knitting does not count :D).

I, like many of you, work in an office and therefore lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I was wondering whether any of you have little fitness things one can do in an office (preferrably discreet...I'm a receptionist!).

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Intro post

Name: Sarah
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
SW: 164
CW: 164
GW: 120

Hi! I'm new to WW. I started the online program yesterday. Just yesterday showed me my problem! I easily maxed out my points and had to pull from the extra points for the week. This is definitely going to teach me a thing or two about my eating habits!

I'm a vegetarian, so I tend to eat pretty well. However, I also tend to over eat. I go to grad school part time and work and office job full time, which means I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I used to bike every day when I lived in my college town, but now I drive in my current town.

I was wondering, what kinds of basic exercise do you guys do at home? Does yoga count for much? I saw that it earns you 1 Fitness Point. (I'm just learning about this point system!) I need to start running again, but I have trouble motivating myself to get up and do it. I was ALSO wondering whether knitting counts as an activity. If I knit for an extended period of time (an hour or more), it begins to make my arms feel sore as if I'd been doing some other physical activity. I couldn't find it on the website though, so I thought it might not count. Any ideas?

Weekends and whatnot. Eeep!

Hello all. I am new and haven't posted yet. I've just been lurking. I have two questions today:

#1: How do you survive the weekend? I go completely off course and don't track anything. I need to figure out how to motivate myself to do good through the weekend and weighing in on Mondays isn't working.

#2: I started at 216 last Monday. This morning I weighed myself and it came out at 207.5. I did it twice just to be sure. I am skeptical of this and I don't really want to log it into the WW site. Do you think this is a fluke? Should I wait a week and then log? I'm so confused. I feel like I lost some weight, but not that much! What would you do?


What is the Deal With this Acai Thing??

It's getting irritating, seeing ads for it all over the internet. It reeks of scam to me, but every time I try to do research about it over the internet, all I do is get flooded by fake blogs about how great it is and how I can sign up for a free trial.

So, what's the deal? I know there are no miracle cures, but why can't I find anything about debunking it?