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Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a very nice Memorial Day holiday!

Over the weekend, I tried to watch what I was eating and load up on the fruits/veggies.  I had multiple cookouts to attend. I went out on Friday  night and drank with friends; I ate fries, filet mignon, a cheddarwurst, and 3 slices of pizza over the weekend, but I also had lots of fruits and veggies.  There's a berry farm nearby, so I brought home 8 qts of fresh strawberries and everyone snacked on those because they were like candy! mmmmm

Anyway, I felt like I didn't deprive myself over the weekend, although I did opt for the fruit salad instead of any of the 3 delicious cakes at my grandmas house.

I lost 2.6 lbs!!!

That's my biggest chunk of weight loss in a while, and I'm wondering how that happened. I tracked just about everything and I'm certain that I  used ALL of my flex points and probably all or most of my AP's. So, as I head into this coming week, I'm wondering if that's what I should be doing. How many of you eat all of flex and AP's?

So, my progress to date:

Starting weight: 220
Current weight: 186.2
Goal: 140-150
That's 33.8 lbs down!
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Flex poll!

Out of my 35 weekly flex points, I use...

None, never!
I only use 5 to 10 if I really need to
I use maybe half of them
Over half, I usually have 5 or 10 leftover
All of them!
I don't have flex points

I was wondering how many flex points people use on average! I'm a bad person and I weigh myself like every day, and make myself consequently so nervous before weigh-in day (tomorrow). I've only gone to the gym once this week and I did pilates once at home, but I'm so nervous after my nonexistant progress last week. I used most of my flex this week because I have been travelling and I'm kind of thrown out of my comfort zone, but I'd like to see how people use their flex points and if it works for them. Thanks!
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Weight Watchers points or Weight Watchers core - that is the question!

I'm torn. Way torn. I love protein but I also need some carbs.

What is easier to do - core or points?

In college I knew people that did points but didn't count fruit, as they said "who gets fat on veggies and fruits?" so I figure that's cool, I can eat a lot of that.  - core and points = fruit friendly.

The problem with Core is I need more than 5 points a day sugar/carb wise. I like some bred or some cereal. I like my apple juice or a little mocha frap.... but aren't meats hard to guess point wise?

If I do small points with a mocha frap (3 points) my sandwich (around 4) or cereal (around 4) - that's great for the point system.... but how many points is chicken or fish, can you eat your fair share on points? Steak I heard takes loads of points!

I have to figure out what I am doing by the end of the day!