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I got these wasa cracker things at Publix the other day. I think it's called "flatbread" but it's like a really big and thick cracker. So yummy and filling and only one point! Yay! My new favorite thing is to spread one with a tablespoon of hummus for a 1.5 point snack, and it fills me up for a long time.

edit: I just looked and they're called "crispbread"

Best 3-point burger I've ever had.

Guys I dunno if you have bought any veggie burgers lately, but I thought I'd share the good news:

Veggie burgers that are 1 point and delicious! I tried this the other day:

Morningstar Farms California Turk'y Burger patty (1 point - I also squeeze some of the grease out)
Whitewheat bun (1 point)
1 oz. sliced avocado (1 point)
1 tbsp. Newman's Own mango salsa (0 points)
lettuce (0 points)

= 3 points

And it is freaking AMAZING. Seriously, for 3 points you can't beat it! Thought I'd share. :o)

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FOLDit Flatbread

I'm not sure if this has been posted here but I know we're all looking for tasty foods that are healthy and low in points.

I recently found this flatbread at my local grocery store called, "FOLDit Flatbread". It's 1 point for 1, extremely tasty and filling! We've used it on hamburgers, sandwiches, pulled chicken sandwiches and PB&J so far. It's really good and has replaced bread for my family.


Also, if you happen to live where they have a Publix, they're having them 2 for $4 until Wednesday.

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Salty Snacks

I have a weakness for oyster crackers, mainly because I often crave salty crunchy things.

Since I recommitted to losing weight (I gained back 15 lbs this year of the 30 lbs I lost last year) and started WW last week, most of my snacks have consisted of popcorn, fruit (grapes, grapefruit, bananas), laughing cow cheese, jello, and yogurt.

I usually have some skinny cow ice cream at the end of the night, but I am trying to stay away from the oyster crackers because they are so damn addictive and just 30g (about 1/2 a cup) is 2.5 points!

Anyone have ideas for low point salty, crunchy snacks that are somewhat filling?

Where have all the veggies gone?

Lately my progress has been less than impressive. I'll lose one pound one week, gain it back the next, stay the same the week after that. (I guess I should keep looking at the big picture, though - I'm down 29 pounds!)

One problem I'm finding is that since all the farmer's markets are closed for the season, I'm finding it hard to get good veggies. I suppose I'm spoiled to a certain extent...but I hate the texture of cooked frozen veggies, and canned veggies = ugh. I was great about getting my veggie servings in through the summer and fall, but now I'm finding it difficult - I'm relying on carrots and bagged salads.

Does anyone have any tips on making frozen veggies taste better without increasing their points? (The old me would have just drowned them in butter and cheese!)
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herbal tea = good.

Now that the temperature has started to drop, I am drinking considerably less ice-water, my usual weight loss/ good health staple. In fact, in the last few weeks, I have all but STOPPED drinking water, except maybe after working out. I just cannot stand to be any colder, and so was leaning pretty heavily on coffee to quench my thirst. Except that it never does, and so I was always thirsty. Additionally, I was experiencing all the delightful water retention that normal accompanies a period.

All of that changed, though, when earlier this week I gave into the idea of drinking hot herbal teas - lemon zinger, pomegranate-something-or-another, etc. - to warm me up and keep me hydrated. No calories, no creepy artificial sweeteners (unless you want to add them, that is), no caffeine, cheap, portable == yay! Also, you get to linger over a cup,or sip at it absentmindedly while reading or watching tv - it is the sort of leisure with food that has been largely absent from my life since starting a weight loss journey. I always rush to eat when I am on plan because I am so often really friggin' hungry!

This is probably no great surprise for many of you, but for me, a non-tea drinker, it has been a revelation! Maybe someone else can benefit from taking the herbal tea plunge?