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I'm sorry if this has been asked...

I am now 8 weeks away from my wedding and I've been sucking at getting the pounds to move despite being pretty darn active.

I am thinking of starting the 30 Day Shred to help move things along...but I'm not sure of these things:

1. Do you do it 30 days in a row or every other day?
2. I am going to obviously do cardio along side of it but should I keep doing weights too or is this instead of that?

Help! I need a smaller bum STAT!



30 day shred

I've just started the 30 day shred... YOW!
It's intense to say the least I was very sore
this morning and I didn't want to do it but I
ended up giving it a shot taking it easy in places
and really pushing in others and I'm happy to say
I stuck it out I'm really hoping this will help my
progress at weigh ins! My first meeting was on January
5th and so far I've lost a grand total of 6 pounds
which I'm happy about however the last time I'd joined
(5 years ago) I'd had much faster results so I am trying
to remain positive and remind myself this is for life
not just this past week. Also I've had two kids
and I would imagine that would make changes in metabolism
(?) not to mention the difference between being 22 and 27.


Activity points: shooting too high?

So I used my new heart rate monitor tonight for the first time. My boyfriend got me one (Polar F11) for our two-year anniversary. :)

I have been counting the 30-Day Shred as 20 min of high intensity...little did I know...

That would be 3 AP's for me. According to my monitor doing Level 1 I only burned 175 calories which is short of 2 AP's.

I've been told 100 calories burned for an AP.

I did extra cardio (jumping jacks) after to get to 200 calories.

I noticed my heart rate dropped significantly during the abs sections.

I am excited to see what I actually burn in spinning class!

Just thought I'd post. We are all at different activity levels but thought I'd let you guys know since we all do 30-Day Shred a lot! :)

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 Okay, so I finally got my 30 Day Shred DVD from Netflix. . . and lemme just say. . . I didn't even do the entire workout due to lack of a floormat and my hardwoods, but my legs are hurting pretty fierce. . . 

I'm going to get a yoga mat during my lunchbreak and resume the workout tomorrow, but I am NOT looking forward to it. . . 

That must mean it's working. Seriously. . . I did maybe ten minutes of the workout, and I can barely move. It'll do it to you. I can totally see how, if you did this workout religiously for 30 days, you could lose a lot of weight/inches. Yay! Thanks for all the recommendations. . . if any of you have netflix, you can also view some of her other workouts instantly. 

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I'm about to start 30 day shred in a little bit... (like an hour or so when I've done laundry/dishes and changed... hopefully someone can help me before I have to watch the whole video before doing it--

I don't have dumbbells... is this one of the videos where using cans from the cupboard could be good? Or do I need actual dumbbells? I think my glass jars (with handles, easier to hold!!) of sorghum are about 3lbs each... Some workout vids really need dumbbells and some just need your hands heavier.

Please help... I am on a ridiculously tight budget, but I *could* technically go to the store and get a pair...

Edited to Add: OK, I totally failed, but when I did have to quit I kept watching so I know what I'm in for... and I think I can do it next time I work out... but I was getting my ass kicked and NEEDED to do a LOT of heavy duty housework today and wound up going "if I don't quit I'm not going to get any work done today" so I didn't stick it out... sigh... but tomorrow if there's any time... or Sunday if not tomorrow... I will get through it.

Supplies needed for 30 day shred? Scales?

Hey All--

After all the GREAT reviews (and echo-ing accounts of "i'm sore!") I ordered Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD and after a little bit of poking around i'm not sure what I would need to do the workout... I have running shoes, and workout clothes...but will I need a mat?  Some weights? I'm sure it doesn't help that Old Navy has all this ADORABLE workout gear that I'm dying to splurge on.. hehe. I'm willing to splurge (a little) on fitness gear because I've committed to working out every day of the week (maybe not the 'shred'...not sure I'd be functional!!) but something :)

Also I've been on a scale hunt for the last few weeks, I'm looking for something that weighs to a tenth of a pound, and hoping not to spend more than $30 if I can help it...Any recommendations? Any ones that break too easily or are really hard to get an acurate reading? Right now I've just been going to my local Bed, Bath & Beyond on the same day each week and weighing myself on the expensive $90 scale :-P Ridiculous, I know! It was so much easier when I was on campus and could go to the health center with their awesome digital doctor's type scale..

Looking forward to everyone's input!! Thanks!!
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Leftover Points

Last week, when I first started on WW, I would read in this community about people having several points left over at the end of the day. I never understood HOW that could happen. I was barely able to not go over my points without being starving. Left over points!? What were those?

Now I'm making better food choices. I'm eating healthier, more filling foods. My stomach doesn't need as much food to be full anymore, either.

So even with my piddly 23 points a day, today I have 8 points left. 8!! And I'm not even hungry. I had yummy meals today and a snack. I'm going to have a bowl of Kashi because I need one more milk serving and a banana, but I'll still have points left.

Wow, the plan is working.

Oh, and I did my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD today and I am so effing sore. Haha. 3 days left in my week and I have 5 activity points and 29 allowance points left.