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Blah days

I suffer from anxiety.. So there are days when I am so blah I don't feel good enough to do things. Therefore working out has not been on my To-do list for these past days.. -__-

But I have not gained weight.
Cw: 151.4
body fat went down i'm at 28.2

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Wii Fit

I got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and when I did the body scan, it weighed me significantly higher than I expected. I did use it on carpet, but used the little feet on the pad that corrects for carpet padding. Does anyone else have this and find a discrepancy between the Wii weight and your usual scale weight? It made me very sad, and my little Mii is now fat. :(

The Bodybugg

As some of you may recall, I was extremely lucky back in October and won a BodyBugg from the Subway Scrabble contest. Well, on Friday, I finally received the BodyBugg! woohoooo

I am still learning the ropes, but it's a pretty neat little gadget. It is very cool to see how many calories you expend by just...living. It allows you to set a target of calories to burn each day; when you plug the device into the computer, it shows you how many calories you've burned so far that day and how far you are from your daily target. A graph allows you to view how many calories you burn per minute, every minute of the day! It's cool to see how much you burn when you sit at your desk, when you took a short walk, when you were pushing yourself on the treadmill or when you were just doing house chores.

Does anyone else have one of these? If so, what's your experience so far? I'm loving mine. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Oh, one very big observation from the BodyBugg is website is the calorie log. Although I'm not as fond of it as the WW Etools, it has allowed me to see that I'm eating foods with WAY too much sodium! Geesh! It's incredible how much sodium is packed into EVERYTHING.

Activity points: shooting too high?

So I used my new heart rate monitor tonight for the first time. My boyfriend got me one (Polar F11) for our two-year anniversary. :)

I have been counting the 30-Day Shred as 20 min of high intensity...little did I know...

That would be 3 AP's for me. According to my monitor doing Level 1 I only burned 175 calories which is short of 2 AP's.

I've been told 100 calories burned for an AP.

I did extra cardio (jumping jacks) after to get to 200 calories.

I noticed my heart rate dropped significantly during the abs sections.

I am excited to see what I actually burn in spinning class!

Just thought I'd post. We are all at different activity levels but thought I'd let you guys know since we all do 30-Day Shred a lot! :)

Trusting places/Calorie Counter

Am I the only one who worries about things like when you order a smoothie to be made with Splenda that they make it the normal way?

Or for instance, last night I got grillers at Outback and asked for it to be cooked with no butter and no glaze but my shrimp had something on it...I wasn't going to send it back at that point but grr.

I hate it!

So for those of you who have an armband like Body Bugg which brand/model and how do you like it? The Body Bugg is way to pricey for me but I'd love to get an accurate read on what I burn at the gym. :)

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I confess- I LOVE technology.

About 3 weeks ago, my ipod Nano (3rd Gen), just suddenly quit. I went without for a few weeks, but it sooo hard to work out without music, so I finally dropped the dough on a brand new 2nd Gen Itouch!  first of all, this thing is seriously cool! It's just like the iPhone, but w/o the phone & camera capability.  You can download all kinds of cool apps.

One very cool thing is Weight Watchers mobile! As long as I have access to wi-fi, I've got access to my Etools whereever I go. That's surely going to come in handy!

But this is not necessarily about my ipod or WW mobile. It's about the new treadmill at the gym on the Navy base here.  It's a Matrix treadmill with an LCD touch screen. It has a built-in fan, and a hookup for your ipod. The touch screen isn't super sensitive, so it can be a little difficult to maneuver things while you're running, but overall -very cool!


So the next cool thing I discover is the following day when I plug my ipod into my computer to charge/sync.  I get this message from NikePlus.  Basically, it had recorded all of my workout information and then it prompts you to send it to nikeplus.com, where you set up an account.  Now, everytime I use that treadmill, I can log in my progress!  It is soooo cool!

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Yay! My pedometer arrived!

Thanks to everyone who offered input on pedometers and their use, and walking and alternatives and such! :)

I decided to go with an Omron model. The best one I could find was the version with the disc and USB cable, which tracks steps & such over time and holds data for 7 days. It's very slick, and was easy to set up. I got it from Costco online - they didn't have any at the store, but when I bought it online it only took 2 days to ship & arrive!

I'm already liking it, and looking down to see it at my hip already has me thinking "gee, I should take the longer path to get to the store!" :D

Here's to staying motivated!!