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Hi guys my name is Crystal, I am 25 years old. & my height is 5'4

SW 157lb

CW 153

GW 135

I had a horrible break up 2 years ago and I let myself go but eating everything bad! I was always a fit girl, always worked out and ate right. Now I am getting back on track of things. Ive been eating super clean for the past 2 weeks and lost weight already. As far as me exercising, I work out using a fitness ball. I am beyond motivated. Summer is coming up and I want to wear shorts & skirts =[ I am bottom heavy. So my I gained a lot on my thighs. 29% of body fat I have & it needs to go!!

I love to cook & bake. All healthy stuff I will be posting picture & recipes of mine to share. I want to stay motivated, So I hope this community will do just that!

who said I cant have burgers & fries?

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My progress thus far!

 I have done a couple entries on here since I started weight watchers, but I feel like I should update more often (to keep myself more accountable!). Soooo, here's some numbers!

Starting Weight: 195lbs - September 4th, 2011
Current Weight: 179lbs - November 6th, 2011
Weight change: -16lbs in two months!

I've had weird weeks where I gain a pound (only happened once!) and then weird weeks where I've lost 3 lbs, but generally, I'm loosing about a pound and a half a week and I haven't started exercising yet. Does anyone have any good exercise things to do at home and without a video or equipment (except for free weights)? That's the hardest part of working out is I don't have any equipment, not tons of places to go walk/run, and not a lot of time. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Does anyone have  good at home, no expensive equipment, solution to arm wings? I can't go to a gym and I do have a Jane Fonda Work out tube, but its not targeting that specific place for me. I know if i don't start working on it now they will become bigger and more stubborn as I lose weight... HELP PLEASE ???
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Walk, Walk, Walk It Out!!

              I'm so excited for this weeks meeting! The May 22 Walk it challenge is happening and I am going to be a part of it! Its a 5k walk  (3.1 miles) and I know I can do it. I'm going to train with the program my leader gave me and walk, walk, walk it out! =) who else is on board with me? Anyone want to be my training buddy? We can encourage each other to get ready for it and get it accomplished! I know its harder online but I'm willing to be there for YOU!   
             On the other hand I had my weigh in today.. i have gained 2 oz which put me at 202 even..... I did so good this week, exercised and all. So what happened?  I am so determined to drop to below 200lbs before May!!! I had it in my grasp and its slipped away T_T Will this keep happening?
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New found resolve

I have just been brutal all of April...losing and regaining the same 4 lbs over and over.

No more! I am down to three months pre-wedding and no more messing around!

I am starting to work out again today...my question is....what type of workout do you guys find has the best results. I just finished running my first half marathon and it made little dif in my weight!

I am going to try a crossfit type approach...unless you guys have another idea! I am thinking run 15; weights for 10 upper body; elliptical 15; weights for 10 lower. Going to try this five times this week and see how it goes!

Does anyone have a really good fat blasting, make the pounds die hard workout!?!? hehe

Reached my 10% goal!

Hallelujah, I've finally made it. I think I was stuck shortly before that 'magic' 108 kg for several weeks now (I blame stress at work that led to a few days binging on chocolate or Indian cuisine). Finally I've made it. Today's weigh-in says: 107,9 kg. Hooray.
Plus, I've taken new measurements, and so far I've lost more than 10cm around my hips and waist each. Not losing too much round the thighs so far (1,5 cm), but maybe that'll improve slightly soon, since I finally manage to exercise regularly. And I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I - couch potato no. 1 - am actually enjoying it. I'm having fun at gym classes *shakes head disblievingly* This week was best so far. Our regular coach was sick and the woman who filled in for her had never done that class (a special class for overweight people) before. God, she did torture us quite a bit. Much more demanding than usual, but apart from one moment when I had to slow down a bit I managed to keep up with her :) Unfortunately I forgot to ask what other classes she's giving. They might be worth looking into. Maybe the guy at the reception desk can tell me next week.
Now I need to set a new goal. I think another 10% would be great, as this would lead me below 100kg for the first time in nearly a decade. Plus, I'm planning to go on holiday in June (watching some musicals in London) and I finally want to be able to buy something like a souvenir t-shirt that fits properly.
Oh, and I want to reward myself for reaching the 10%. I really want to have one of those charms bracelets (bonus: I could add more charms for more goals reached), but on the other hand a mat for some exercise on my living room floor would be great either. What do you think?


So some where on the clickernet I saw a post about a Podcast for C25k (aka Couch to 5k)... but I didn't seem to find it in this community so it might have been from a blog in my google reader.

But, it sounded really neat and in the podcast they told you when to start and stop running. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, do you remember what it was called?

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Travelling Work Outs!

I need a portable work-out!

The next part of my course I'm going to be on placement (living in different accomodation 5 nights a week), Fri, Sat & Sunday nights in my normal abode.

This to and fro-ing (on public transport as I don't have a car ) is really going to intefere with my work outs!!

Normally I like to work out in the privacy of my own room with my exercise bike and weights. Since I can't transport any of these items easily on the train I've got to find alternative ways to work out.

I was looking into pilates resistance bands to replace the dumbells and leg weights although I don't know enough exercises and not sure if these will continue to tone me up as effectively as weights

As for cardio, I obviously can't take my bike with me! Problem is, I like working out in private.. I'm not sure how else to get my cardio work out, without facing the public or without taking my bike (not possible).

Thanks so much in advance, very appreciative of any answers
Hope everyone's weight watching is going well!
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[Question] Workout DVDs

Well, my Florida trip was a blast, but those three weeks of not goign to weigh-in are demanding payback. I'm up 5 lbs (OUCH), but I'm sure I can get it off. I'm back on track with the tracker and my eating habits, but I have a big problem with the exercise part...

I'm having trouble getting motivated in the cold weather! It's slushy and wet and cold and windy outside (I live in Ontario, near a lake) so I don't want to go outside when I get home from work! I walk to and from work each day, which is a short walk (under 10 minutes) and I walk to meetings once a week (30 minutes each way). But I don't want to walk to the gym - it's a pain to plow through the snow, get all sweaty and have to shower & change just so I can slog through it again to get home.

So I'd like invest in a few workout DVDs. A friend has also loaned me his Wii Fit, so I can see what that's like. But I want some different things to compare.

With all that in mind, does anyone have a recommendation for a workout DVD you love? Something that was easy to start, could modify over time, and didn't require a bunch of extra equipment to do - that's what I want.

I'd love to hear what people liked - I'm willing to pick up 2 or 3 and see what I like best (after all, if I really hate 'em, the second hand store will find someone who wants them). Comments? Recommendations? Anything you truly hated? Or any comments on the Wii Fit? I'd like to hear it all! Thanks guys!!