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Pleased with myself

My mother and I just started WW almost a week ago, and we went on a trip for a few days. Though I was worried about how this would effect my eating habits, considering the abundance of bad choices and GREAT restaurants. Also, when I go on trips, I tend to want to eat the foods that are not available to me where I live.

My anxiety turned out to be what saved me (in a way). I went out for chinese with my mom and my fiance. I got Chicken & Broccoli, with white rice instead of fried rice. I also only had two crab rangoon, compared to like 6. They are my favorite part of getting chinese food. For dinner, I half a small brick oven pizza with spinach, fresh mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes. My one bad thing was an icee at the movies, but I didn't get any candy or popcorn.

Today, I had a simply fit meal for breakfast at IHop. My lunch was complete junk because we were in a hurry.

I was within my points (though I will probably dig into my flex points tonight) because I stuck to entrees, no appetizer, no dessert, in each restaurant we went to. Hopefully that makes a difference.
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How do you guys calculate points when you eat out? Most things I have been able to research online, but others not so much.

I keep freaking out that I am doing everything wrong, hopefully I'm not.



For my dinner tonight I had a Wendy's Large Chili - 6 points of warm filling dinner.


My fast food staple restaurant options:

Wendys - Baked Potato plain, Chili, Side Salad with FF French Dressing

Subway - Turkey on White no mayo no cheese LOTS OF VEGGIES

Taco Bell - Fresco Menu

Does anyone have any other easy fast food options to share??? :)

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WW at Disneyland

Seeing as I'm local and I have an annual pass, I go to Disneyland quite frequently. It's easy for me to eat healthier when I go for a day or so because I can pack all my own food. In a couple weeks I'm staying with my best girlfriends near Disneyland and going to the parks for five days in a row.

Do any of you known the points for any of the foods at Disneyland? I've look all over online and there are no available nutritional facts. I want to stay on program during my mini vacation.

I plan on bringing a lot of fruit, my own diet coke, 1pt popcorn, and other healthy snacks.

Any suggestions?
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Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls

I order the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls at Pei Wei. The site used to list the nutritionals for the entire order at 7 points for rolls+sauces. Lately they released a new nutrition sheet, and it puts the total at 14 points! I'm not sure how that could be right, especially since the takeout rammekin they give with the peanut butter sauce is small, and usually isn't even halfway full.

I still eat these because they are filling and tasty. I count them for their new total of 14 pts, even though this doesn't seem right. I'm worried if I counted them at 7, I'd end up way over points, but if I count them as 14, I may be sabotoging myself by eating too LITTLE (Because if they are actually closer to 7 pts, that's 7 points for one day I'd be missing out on. That's substantial.)

Anyone know anything about this?
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New Food Labels in the US?

I wish I had time to write a whole huge post with explanations, but I only have time to summarize.

Those of us in the US (and those abroad who care about such matters): The FDA is considering changing its requirements for its nutrition labels on foodstuffs and is asking for feedback! You can find more information about where to go and suggestions for label improvements at Fooducate's entry on the topic.

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The only thing I'd add to the list is requiring ALL restaurants (fast food, sit down, expensive, inexpensive...) to list their nutrition information on their menus. I don't know if that falls under this particular act, but it doesn't hurt to make the suggestion.

Is there anything else we should suggest? Oh, and pass this on to others and encourage them to pass it on.... Maybe some real changes can be made.

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NSV from this weekend.

So this past weekend My mom, my brother and myself took my cousins, two 5 year olds and an 8 year old on a little outing so their parents could have some alone time and so we could spend time with them! We took them to McDonald's for lunch and then we saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (GREAT Movie!!).

Generally with fast food other than subway, I give up and order whatever and just get a diet soda. But this time I actually TRIED. I ate a Fiber One bar about a half hour before I left, and then I ordered a 6 piece chicken nugget kids meal with the apple dippers. The apples+the caramel sauce is 2 points, and I looked up the chicken nuggets when I got home and they are 7 points. So overall, only a 9 point meal. 11 counting the fiber one bar. But, afterwards I was full, satisfied, and very proud of myself for not only trying to eat better at a fast food restaurant but for actually counting the points:)

Just had to share!

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I'm going out to lunch today with coworkers and they've picked Arby's. Admittedly, I've avoided Arby's for a long time. I used to get regular roast beef sandwiches and the mozzarella sticks ALL the time! Dang, how things have changed!

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for lower-points foods at Arby's?

*edit. I ended up going to with the new Chopped Farmhouse Salad with Grilled Chicken-7pts. It's got grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, onions. Not a lot of content for $5 (but that's another gripe). Anyway, I'd have to say that Arby's is the worst fast food place when it comes to having healthy options. Goodness, the honey mustard that comes with the salad was 180 cal and 17g of fat!