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Okay, college students. I need your help.

So, I'm a freshman in college. I've been here for over two months now, and I have been SEVERELY off plan the whole time. There is a meeting near me, but I haven't joined for these reasons:

1) My college is in a SMALL town. It's a tiny college, and basically the town is the college. There isn't a health food store nearby or anything like that for me to get myself healthy alternatives.

2) I'm on a meal plan, because again, if I weren't on their meal plan I wouldn't be able to eat, just because there really aren't any alternatives.

3) This is what their meal plan looks like: 3 card swipes a day, and then you enter a huge dining hall with an all-you-can-eat buffet spread out in front of you. Three times a day.

Now, it's bad enough that I'm faced with the all-you-can-eat buffet that often, but what makes it worse is that I have no way of controlling what there is to eat.

When I did ww before I basically got myself off butter completely and used Earth Balance as a healthy alternative, and I got used to using a spritz of olive oil for something instead of a glob of butter or a dolloping of olive oil, and I was getting used to eating things made without sugar, or with sugar alternatives.

Here everything is made with butter--I can taste it in the food, even the stuff that looks more healthy, like grilled vegetables, is doused in butter. Everything that's made here is made with the optimum amount of cream and butter and sugar and flour.

And of course I can forget about all the other crutches I used before--WW bread, rice bread, WW muffins...

How am I supposed to be able to track points when I don't know what's in what I'm eating? When I can't even trust that veggies are zero points?

It's not only that, it's that I can't really control my portion sizes either, because I can't exactly ask them to borrow a measuring cup and make everyone else in line wait ten minutes for me as I measure out everything onto my plate, you know? But that's how I did it before, and I don't know how else I'm supposed to know!

Of course I've considered doing core, but that's a problem because they flat out won't have core friendly foods all the time. There are literally some days where my options are pasta or peanut butter and jelly. The only thing they have daily that's reliably core is the salad, but I can't just eat salad every day!

There's also the fact that I'm a vegetarian, which makes the dining hall selections even more limited.

And let's not forget the willpower thing. Every night, they serve pizza. Every single day, there's doughnuts and muffins and danishes in the morning and cookies and cake in the afternoons and soft serve ice cream and cake and pie or eclairs or whatever poison they feel like serving us for dinner. I'm going crazy here!

I can't be the only one whose had to deal with this problem. Anybody? How did you work through this? Is there a way to do WW still, or am I fucked?