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activity point question

So I've read that 100 calories burned is 1 activity point but then I started hearing different stories on the matter.

In addition, according to the WW activity point thing on e-tools 80 minutes of me running at a 5.0 or > earns me 12 activity points.

I haven't worn my HRM in a while but I know for a fact there is no way I'm burning 1,200 calories. I'd say 700-800.

Any insights?

I got my 5.75 mile run tonight!
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I've got quite a few points/thoughts/questions for these few days.

Does anybody count points for standing in line for hours? Today I stood in line at Meijer to get a WiiFit (and they ran out -shaking fist-) and I'm sure Ill be walking around and standing for hours at 3am tomorrow.

You probably shouldn't be eating while reading the following:

During my morning adventure we stopped to get something to eat. Unfortunately my stomach was upset and I threw it up within minutes. Do I count the points? Half the points of the original items? None since I threw it up within minutes of swallowing the last bite?

And a last thought, I may have gained weight as of yesterday, but my goal is to not gain AKA staying the same or lose for the holiday. I'm also making Hungry Girl's pumpkin cheesecake to take to the relative and to leave one here. I've made it before, delicious! Linked you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Activity Points

I was just wondering how much everyone counts their activity points. When I purposely exercise I definitely count my APs, but when I go out dancing or if I help a friend move I'm unsure if I should count those points - I definitely worked up a sweat, but it wasn't a planned-on-purpose work-out (say on the treadmill or elliptical).

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Activity Points

I'm just a bit confused. Or I feel like the activity point I earned today is way too much. I'm in colorguard, and hopefully somebody is familiar with it. We did body movement, flag block, and weapon blocks today. It varied from low to high intensity throughout the 5 hours I was there.

According to eTools, 300 minutes of low activity earns me 13 activity points. Is that really possible?
Another question, how do you exchange activity points for food in eTools.

Also, can I say how much I love eTools?!

Exercise question

I've been trying to get to the gym as often as possible, but my right knee (which isn't that great to begin with) has been hurting for the past couple of days, which suggest that I may have been overdoing things a wee bit. :(

Can anyone suggest some ways of earning activity points that would be easy on the ol' knee? Walking on the treadmill really didn't feel very good yesterday, and I'd hate to stall my fitness progress because of injury. I really want to be fit!

activity points

When you exercise do you give yourselves less activity points in case you didn't work out as hard as you thought?
Here's why I am asking this..tonight I worked out on the treadmill for 35 minutes-and while I felt beads of sweat form within the five minutes. (I started the exercise at 3.5-amazing to think there was a point I was lucky to walk a few minutes at at the end at 3.0-but I digress) Yes, I know that is one of the qualifiers but I didn't notice how hard I was breathing in the first five minutes. So to be on the safe side I considered it a moderate giving it two points-but I noticed how sweaty I got towards the end. Am I cheating myself?

Do pardon me if I'm rambling-been a long day.
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I did aquasize today

It was an hours worth of activity with stretching, cardio, strength and more cardio. Now when we did the cardio I could feel my heart rate up in a good way-but didn't notice how long we did those exercises.

So I want to ask, how should I count that hour? Should I count as moderate activity or considering that I did some cardio in the mix should I count that separate?

Sorry if I'm not making sense..its been a long day.
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Using your activity points.

Not really concerned what the -plan- advises on this one. Just curious what you've found works best for you?

1) Do you eat eat all the APs you earn in that day?
2) Do you only eat up to a certain amount of APs that you earn in a day?
3) Do you bank your APs and use them through out the week?

Anything else that you do?

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Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a very nice Memorial Day holiday!

Over the weekend, I tried to watch what I was eating and load up on the fruits/veggies.  I had multiple cookouts to attend. I went out on Friday  night and drank with friends; I ate fries, filet mignon, a cheddarwurst, and 3 slices of pizza over the weekend, but I also had lots of fruits and veggies.  There's a berry farm nearby, so I brought home 8 qts of fresh strawberries and everyone snacked on those because they were like candy! mmmmm

Anyway, I felt like I didn't deprive myself over the weekend, although I did opt for the fruit salad instead of any of the 3 delicious cakes at my grandmas house.

I lost 2.6 lbs!!!

That's my biggest chunk of weight loss in a while, and I'm wondering how that happened. I tracked just about everything and I'm certain that I  used ALL of my flex points and probably all or most of my AP's. So, as I head into this coming week, I'm wondering if that's what I should be doing. How many of you eat all of flex and AP's?

So, my progress to date:

Starting weight: 220
Current weight: 186.2
Goal: 140-150
That's 33.8 lbs down!
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