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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Weight Watchers
List recipes, progress, photos, daily points tallys, etc. This is a place to give and recieve support to those who are following the weight watchers program.
This community promotes healthy weight loss. Please do not join if you are seeking starvation diets.
Starvation diets do not last and not only are they not healthy, they will leave you binging.

Feel free to use this as a template for your introduction post which is just a suggestion, not mandatory.
Feel free to give your stats when you say "hello!"




SW (starting weight):

CW (current weight):

GW (goal weight):

Anything else you wanna add

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Weight Watchers
LJ community for posting before, during and after photos!

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Weight Trackers
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Other Communities

Weight Loss Alphabet
Accept responsibility
Be confident and self-assured
Challenge yourself
Draw upon your strengths, assets, and talents
Empower yourself
Find supportive and encouraging people with whom to surround yourself
Guzzle water
Have a meaningful, well-defined, measurable, and realistic goal
Invest time in yourself
Jump, run, or walk - just move
Know you deserve the best
Live your life in the mind and body you desire
Mute negative self-talk
Nurture your body with healthy food and your mind with positive thoughts
Open your mind and senses to new ideas and possibilities
Physically move toward your goal
Quit procrastinating
Reward yourself every step of the way
Stand up for what you want. Don't allow saboteurs to infiltrate your dreams
Take the risk TODAY
Use your imagination, talents and abilities
Visualize what you want and what it would be like to reach your goal
Write in your Journal daily and write ideas that will work for you
Xpect it will happen. Don't just hope it will
Yield to no temptations or diversions
Zero in on your Winning Outcome and don't stray