first milestone

I just finished my fifth week on WW and reached my first milestone:  10 pounds lost!

SW:  261.2
CW:  250.8

GW:  145

Sometimes I get discouraged when I see that I still have a long, long way to go...but any progress, no matter how small, is good!


Name: Ashley

Age: 34

Height: 5' 8 or 9"

SW (starting weight): 218

CW (current weight): 204

GW (goal weight): 145

Anything else you wanna add:

I have been back and forth with my weight. Usually the only times I have been thin was with some kind of aid- last time it was pills from the 'fat doctor'. I am currently a size 17, and when I am thin I am a size 11. Size 11 may seem large but I am tall... I have a whole amazing wardrobe in size 11 and I want to wear those clothes so badly! I get on my eliptical almost every day for 20 minutes. Sometimes I do pilates. I weigh myself with a wii fit- which is lovely- it keeps track of your weight and BMI and it has fun exercises! I have never done actual WW- I want to but have no idea how to start.

Hi again.

Name: Amy 

Age:  35

Height:  5' 4"

SW (starting weight):  261.2

CW (current weight): ...

GW (goal weight):  150?

Anything else you wanna add

Well, here I am again.  I just located a picture from the last time I was on WW - taken exactly 1 year ago today - after having lost 52 pounds.  I don't remember if I lost much more than that,'s all back, with interest, and when I last weighed myself I was at my highest weight ever.  Gulp.

My main motivator happened while I was on vacation.  My feet hurt so much from walking, and I didn't fit very well in a lot of amusement park rides.  It's also almost impossible for me to find nice clothes these days.

I have tons of material and cookbooks from the old Turnaround/Momentum plan, which I used before, and since it's what I'm most familiar with, it's the plan I've started with.  Tomorrow will be my first "weigh-in" (I began the plan on July 15)

My big problem is that I really, really enjoy food, and I admit it's been a rough week.  I'm trying to remember what I used to cook (I made a chicken chili yesterday that was TERRIBLE) and earlier this evening the neighbours were barbecuing and the smell was driving me bananas!

WW pricing

Hi gang-

i was curious if anyone knew if there was a less expensive option for joining WW if you don't use Etools. my MIL was a member for a while, and had the monthly pass, but just never used her etools. she's just not computer savvy enough to get much out of it. she's having some difficulties with the $43 price tag and i thought there was a less expensive option for meetings only. but it doesn't seem so?

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An ultimate non-scale-victory?

My job has been making me unnecessarily crazy in the past week.
1) I was assigned a new project
2) I am terrified that I'm not capable of being the BEST EVER at the project( or any good at it at all, actually)
3) I am terrified that I'm not the BEST EVER at my job. (Which is funny, because my office is unusually good at what it does and has some superhuman talent on it, of which I am not one, that's ok.)

And I thought to myself, had I, at my starting weight, obsessed over my goal, regrettedevery pieceof chocolate cake, and focused on every weighing as progress towards "being thinner," I probably would have stressed myself out of sticking with WW. Instead, I took the approach of "slow and steady," and told myself, basically, that what I'm doing might not be the best approach, but I'll learn from my mistakes and seek continual improvement. 1 year of gradual weight loss followed by 5 months of goal and a fair share of chocolate cake, I can confidently say I reached that place I wanted to be.

Now it's time to apply this attitude towards work. "I might not be the best ever and I'm probablynot the best right now,but I seek slow and gradual improvement to become the best I can be."

checking in

I'm doing much better thanks for all the great advice and encouragement from everyone here!

Drinking lots of water really made a difference.

I also stocked up on low points delicious food like strawberries, cherries and mandarins and low fat desserts.

Sometimes I just want to eat more, I get these strong cravings for sugar or something sweet so now I can reach for a mandarin and if the craving is very powerful I can have a banana or some dates.

I also went back to the gym yesterday. I forgot how good it feels to do a little workout and have a good stretch of the body. I also watched some fitness freak do core work with one of those gym balls and I copied the moves and that was fun. It's funny seeing all the buffed men grunting and getting puffed out.

Thanks for this awesome community guys! It's so great to know that you are there and that you understand the WW journey.

Hope you are all doing good today and feeling positive about your WW journey too.

looking back through etools?

hi everyone.

i'm pretty quiet around here, but have been a member forever. I've been on points plus for about a year and a half, losing 20 lbs in the first 6 months or so. i was stuck about 2 lbs from goal and have been sort of hanging around there loosely "on plan" .

since january of this year, i have slowly, steadily been creeping up. I've gained about 10 lbs of he 25 i originally lost. starting today, i am back on it! we have a lake vacation in august and i'd love to wear my bathing suit and feel good about myself.

i wanted to look back through my tracker to this time last year while i was still doing well and on plan. But i'm sad to see it only goes back a few months. Does anyone know if there is a way i can access that older information?


Lapsed Lifetimer

Hi All,

I am lifetime member who went on vacation two weeks after achieving lifetime and never really got back on the wagon. I have 8.6 lbs above goal and committing to posting my food again.

Friend me if you are food logging too :)
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Cheap and portable

Hello! I'm back on WW after a year-long hiatus. It is going very well this time!

I am about to take a very low-budget, week-long trip overseas, to London. My plan is to buy some grocery staples to keep at the place where I'm staying, so I don't have to eat in restaurants. I don't want to blow my tiny budget or my WW plan. I'm also going to be on the run a lot so I need food I can take with me. Any ideas? I was thinking of a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, and some apples, which isn't really the best plan so I'm looking for some ideas. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, I should mention that I'm vegetarian!