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Three questions. Help?

Hey all!

Happy Holiday season!

I've made up my mind to recommit to the plan. I've veered WAY off and I'm now of epic porportions. I'd rather work toward epic weight loss :D I'm doing it online because I simply cannot get to meetings due to the way my work life will be changing.

I remember that my weight watcher leader told me that we don't start adding new excercising until week three because the change of diet is a shock to the system and the excercise is also a shock. Doing both at the same time can cause your body to react in such a way that it thinks it is starving and will store more fat. Is this true or am I remembering it all screwey? Should I wait three weeks before adding new excercise plans? I am sort of active now. But I plan to add more walking for the purpose of weight loss and workout tapes to my routine. Thanks for your responses in advance.

Next question. I have this recipe for soup that I just adore. It's not a weight watcher recipe just a recipe I found somewhere on the web. I plugged it into the recipe builder and it is 4 points a serving based on six servings per recipe. It has one onion, one potato, and 6 to 7 stalks of celery in it. It is called celery soup. The worst thing in it is some butter. Everything else is pretty wholesome and fat free. Are the veggies enough to consider a serving of this soup to be a serving of veggies?

Last question. I dislike the texture of some vegetables but don't mind the taste. Would blending the vegetables into small pieces in the blender and adding them into a soup or maybe a topping for some whole wheat pasta or some brown rice be alright and still be considered a serving of vegetables if I blended what is considered to be a serving size of vegetables?

Thanks in advance!!!

New to LJ

Well, hello!

I joined Weight Watchers Core yesterday and still taking it all in. I joined the online and I'm scared I'm going to mess it up.

My little facts

- I had prior to weight gain

1) So doing core, I've got 35 flex points to use on whatever I want I guess. But to make sure the rest is core - while using the website, if it has a check next to it, it's ok?

2) Any soups you recommend for Core? I'm a major fan of Hale and Hearty!

3) I assume butter is part of the 35 flex? I am a huge fan of my egg white sandwich in the morning with whole wheat bread, 3 egg whites, mayo and salt and pepper.

4) Core says you can have grains, but no bread (unless it's part of your flex points).

5) All fruits? Bananas? As much as I want? Can I then have freshly squeeze homemade OJ in the morning?

(BIG question) 6) What is the common mistakes people have with Core?

Any Core websites you guys recommend? Thanks!


Question about Maintenance...

Further to my post below, I'm not sure how to go about 'maintenance'. I am a do-it-yourself member so I don't really know how maintenance works.

I am at 20pts a day now, (I think it should be 18pts but someone once said here to never go below 20?) and I usually have 1-2 flex used a day, bringing me to an average of 21-23 pts/day.

I heard to 'maintain', that I add 1 or 2 points to my daily points. So if I do that, (which I kinda have in a roundabout way) do I add 1 or 2 to my daily points? And do I add flex? So ...would I be getting 22 points a day PLUS flex to use?
I need help!

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I have been using my flex points again this week (since I lost a daily point..now down to 20!!) and I am feeling so much better.  I feel fuller and there is less stress knowing that I have some points 'to spare'.  I get weighed on Saturday and I still have 20 points left!!  Question...when an item says the fiber count is 'less than 1 gram' what do you count it as...1 or 0.  I had a snack today and if I calculate the fiber as one it is a 2 pt snack...if I count it as zero it is a 3 point snack.  I counted it as three to cover myself, but I was just curious.  

Ok...so much work left to do and American Idol starts in 15 minutes!!!

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I have a questionnn...

Anyone else track their points online? I've signed up but my daily points allowance is 24 online, and 30 according to my group leader, I think because I'm a server at a fast-paced restaurant 5 days a week.

Any thoughts on how to change the online points? I've been just adding 6pts worth of walking to each day...

Flex Points software/ebook?

I was recently introduced to the Flex Points system and i really like the way it sounds. Unfortunately, right now i do not have the money to invest in the books as i am a very poor college student. I want to buy the book, and attend some meetings, but first I want to try it out for a week or two to see if it's for me, and if I can stick to it, so that I don't waste any money.

I've seen the free calculators that are available online, but i don't have a clear enough understanding of the system and my personal daily point needs.

After extensive googling, i have found copies of the Flex Points software available for a free download, but it was in every language BUT English. Does anyone have, or know where to download, a digital copy of the book, or better yet, an English version of what looked to be an amazing program?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

E Tools question

I dont know if anyone will be able to help me out with this one, but I hope someone can :) 
Why is it when you have something thats 1 point when you enter that you ate 2 of this 1 point item the point value is not 2 but 3. 


Kashi TLC trail mix bar= 2 points 
entered as one= 2 points 
entered as two= 5 points shouldnt that be 4 points?

I dont eat two bars at once I spread them out in the day but I figured I could save time and enter them at the same time, but I end up losing 1 point when I do that. And we all know that 1 point is a ot! lol  Thanks for your help!

safe, supported, loved

Core Thoughts and My Story

First of all, I really love this community. Last time I posted (about my Core freak out), I had a ton of supportive, intelligent comments. It really helped. I'm still struggling, but I have found little ways to break out. The first is that I have become near obsessed with baby (grape) tomatos. I can go through a box a day - zero points and very Core and very healthy. There is a little farm near my house that has fruits/veggies that - while not organic - are just wonderful. It's a strawberry farm so the place always smells of strawberries. 

I have been officially OUT of the weekly 35 points since Monday...so I've been flying solo...which makes me feel fairly desperate. Last night I went out with my "aunt" - my mom's best friend - for dinner and I had a cheeseburger (w/out bread) and brocolli instead of fries. However, my old binge eating behaviors are creeping in. I've never been anorexic or bulemic, but I am starting to realize that I have a binge tendency. I don't know if you would call it Binging, but I know that it's something I am starting to realize I've always done - eating not a whole carton of ice cream or something, but a few packs of, say, a 100 cal packet. What bugs me is that it's usually at night or when I am bored. This morning I woke up at about 3am and went downstairs and ate THREE ww bars, a pack of 100 cal chips, and the rest of a ff applesauce/brownie mix. I went back to bed feeling sick and worried. I know it's the fear that drove me to do that and I didn't like it one bit. It was an old habit returning. 

One of you wrote in to say that I was being too hard on myself...and that's probably true. A few of you said that Core was good because it forces me to look at my "eating demons." Whew. You're right. It's true...and probably why I am feeling ill at ease. This really is NOT about loosing weight anymore. This is a strategy game of the highest order. 

First here's this:

Height: 5'3
Start Weight: 191
Current Weight (after 5 weeks): 186
First Goal: 170
Final Goal: between 142-155

According to my doctor, I am about 30-35 lbs from where I should be. More importantly, my cholesterol is a battle for me. I chopped the numbers down considerably but it's still a thing.

During the last two years, I was caregiver to both my folks. Mom had cancer, dad died in the middle of it, mom's cancer moved to her brain and in a year she was dead. That's the short version. Ironically, I was at my First Goal for all of that time. In fact, that was a bit of happiness in a very 6 Feet Under way: "Hey, mom's in a psych ward due to brain cancer--- but at least these jeans are baggy!" The other part of it is that since I was her main caregiver, I knew that I had to stay as healthy as possible, that in a sense, my own health was my mother's health. Without me or if something happened to me or if I was not at my best, she would (so I thought) die. She died anyway, in Feb of 2007. I had a lot of wonderful friends and family to see me through. 

Ok, let's refocus.

Good things I have done this week:

Become more aware of patterns (if somewhat more afraid of desperation)
Cooked more with veggies
Bought more fruits
Actually been getting through the Good Health Guidelines
Become Determined to STAY ON THIS NO MATTER WHAT.

Thanks for reading. :)